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Amazing Landscaping ideas with river rock: how to use this material?

Amazing Landscaping ideas with river rock: how to use this material?

If you have decided to make your garden look more stylish, there is no better way than using of river rock instead of grass. River rocks are inexpensive, though their price depends on where they came from. No matter how many stones you need. River rocks can be easily found in stores.

There is a wide range of river rocks which can be of different shapes, colors and sizes. Furthermore, we will include pictures of the most uniques designes in this article.


Basic information

How to use river rock in landscaping? There are different ways how you can use river rock for landscape design. The only thing that may stop you is your imagination.

If you have decided to make your landscape brighter and more interesting, here are some ideas with river rocks:

Using river rocks in landscaping can help to create a cozy atmosphere in the garden or front yard.


In this section, we will speak about the most popular landscaping ideas with river rock. If you have decided to create rockery, you have to identify what size it will have and where it will be placed.

Advice! Make a picture of your future rockery first.

After you decide what kind of rockery you want, it’s time to think about types of plants and rocks. River rock is a very hard stone and will serve for years. It can be also used with different types of stones.

Especially it looks good with pebbles. But don’t forget that you should also pay your attention to rocks’ color.
Depending on river rock type it can be used for different purposes:

  1. Small river rocks: paths, walkways, edging, pod and river imitation, fountain decoration, dry creek beds, mulch.
  2. Large river rocks: walls, edging, fountain creation, outside flowerbed decoration, dry creek beds.
  3. Colored river rocks: covering the ground instead of grass, pond and river imitation, dry creek beds, mulch.
Notice! Large river rocks never need to be replaced (tip: basics of installing river rocks).

Let’s discuss river rock landscaping designs separately.

River rock walls

Creation of river rock walls needs much work, but the wall will stay for ages. As the result, stone wall will become an eye-catching construction which lasts for generations.
Unique River rock wall
Regular river rock wall building process consists of digging a trench, making a foundation and laying rocks line by line using cement. Try to use the biggest stones for the lower line: that will make the wall more stable.
Creative River rock wall
You should also use stakes at each end of foundation’s trench. Place flat rocks on the top. This is not the easiest one from the river rock landscape designs, but the result will be amazing.

River imitation and dry creek beds creation

This one is the most popular idea from the list of landscape designs with river rocks. You can use garden hose in order to identify the shape of future landscape decoration. Dig a trench where you will place river rocks.
River imitation and dry creek beds creation
Choose the stones which you are going to use for construction. Remember, that there are stones of different sizes can be used.
One more example of dry creek bed from river rocks
Nature has no ideal shapes, so you can easily use small and large and colored river rocks. Don’t be afraid to use boulders and combine river rocks with pebbles. You can also spray special decorative paint in order to keep stones’ color and make them look wet.

River rock path and edging building

This idea has the same concept as dry creek beds creation. The difference is that you will have to use any kind of boarder material to limit the path.
Beautiful river rock path
You can use boulders as well. Making edges for path will not let the rocks to move out of the path.
River rock as a part of building
You should also remember that you will have to use small river rocks for path. Finally, you will have quite unpleasant feelings while walking if you use big ones.

Other river rock landscaping ideas

Of course, there are many different ways of using river rock in landscaping. For example, if you are creating a fountain and using river rocks as a base, try to use big ones: that will make the fountain more stable and it will look fancier.
The idea of river rock fountain

Learn how to clean river rock properly.

River rocks can be used for flowerbed decoration as well. You can use large stones for flowerbed wall creation and small ones to cover the ground inside. River rocks can replace mulch as well, but plants will need additional feeding.

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