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Astonishing Concepts of Using River Rock In Front Yard Landscaping

Astonishing Concepts of Using River rock in Front Yard Landscaping

If you love your garden and your house, it may be a good idea to start looking for new ways of decoration. One of the most creative solutions can be using of stones for landscaping design.

Think that beautiful rockery or stone path will show your taste and individual style. You can always create something what you will like, no matter whether you choose something formal or not. Your front and back yard may get their own character.



Front yard is the first place which is seen. Furthermore, it influences the way the house looks like from the outside. Of course, it creates the first impression about the house and its owners.

There are many different ideas of using river rock in front yard landscaping and you can be limited only by your imagination. Here are some examples which seem to be the most popular:

    River with river rocks

  1. River rock walkway. This is one of the most popular ways for river rock usage. Small river rocks can be chosen to cover the whole pathway, or they can cover the ground around big flat stones which are placed on the way to the house.
  2. Rockery. Small river rocks will look good in rockeries. Here they are used to cover the space (the ground) between plants and boulders.
  3. River rock edging. It is much better to choose large rocks for edging. River rocks can be used everywhere, but they are extremely popular for house and paths edging and creation of edges around trees and garden beds.
  4. River rock walls. River rocks walls is a perfect way to decorate your house, create a kind of fence or make edges for rockery (of you are creating unnatural hill, for example). Of course, the process of walls creation will take much time, but it is worth it.
  5. River rock mulch. River rock mulch keeps moisture and protects plants perfectly. So, if you have plants at your front yard, you can easily use river rocks for decoration. Just remember, that they will need additional feeding.
  6. River rocks for drain spout. Here river rocks can be used to create a kind of dry creek bed which starts from the drain spout end. Firstly, this is a good landscape decoration which looks very beautiful. Secondly, this “river path” will protect your house and front yard from extra moisture. You can make rocks path as long as you need.
Advice! It is not necessarily to make creek straight. You can make it of any shape you want (tip: basics of installing river rocks).

Back yard landscaping ideas

In this section we will be speaking about the most popular front yard landscaping ideas with river rock, but keep in mind that there are many others and you can create your own unique design.
Usually back yard gives more opportunities for your fantasy, and here are more front yard landscaping ideas with river rock which can be implemented:

  1. River rock walkway.
  2. Waterfall and fountain decoration. River rocks always look good with water. That’s why water and fountain decoration with small stones inside will look perfect. Large rocks can be also used as fountain base.
  3. Rockery.
  4. River rock edging.
  5. River rock walls.
  6. Creation of dry creek beds. No matter whether you are going to have creek or not, river rock foundation will always look stylish. The only thing you need is just to dig a trench and fill it in with rocks.
  7. River rock mulch.
  8. River rocks for drain spout.
  9. Pond decoration. Large river rocks can be used for edging, and small ones can cover the bottom of pond.


There are some pictures of landscape designs with river rocks for front yard:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7

Taking care of stones

Generally, river rocks do not need any special care. Furthermore, large rocks, for example, are almost never replaced.

If you want to make river rocks look shinier, you can use special spray to cover their surface. To wash off the dust you can use garden hose with water.

Learn how to clean river rock properly.

Don’t forget that the contact between acid liquids and rocks should be avoided. Also, if you want to avoid undesirable weed, you can use special barriers which are placed under rocks. Finally, don’t be afraid to make experiments: river rocks like landscaping ideas.

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