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Nuances of Creating Pool landscaping With River Rocks

Nuances of Creating Pool landscaping with river rocks

When you live in a worm place the swimming pool is not a luxury but a necessity. Being the biggest piece of interest in your garden, by itself the pool hardly presents any decorative charm.

If you leave the ground around unattended, you will have a swampy dirt around the pool and muddy mess in the water. Make a small effort to add some beauty and logic to your pool landscaping and you will see how it can add to your everyday enjoyment.


Preparation stage

If you’d like to use the river rock to decorate the area around the pool, you have two ways to do it. First possibility – is to use it around a pool instead of the wood mulch, to keep the area clear from debris and plants. To install such a protection, you’ll need:

Here’s what you going to do:

  1. Dig a trench 3 feet away from the pool edge, take out all the weeds, roots and rocks from it. Now treat the soil in the trench with the weed killer to prevent grass from reappearing.
  2. Next, you need to dig a slit trench around the pool. Make it about 2 inches away from the pool wall and 20 inches deep. With the mallet put the sheet of metal root barrier into the slit. Now you shouldn’t have problems with weed roots growing beneath.
  3. Now you can place the river rocks in the area starting from the pool edge and 3 feet outwards. This should help you fight the growing weeds and let the water drain down without creating a messy dirt around.
Attention! If you choose to add some flowers or plants to the decoration – chose the species that do not drop too much leaves or bloom inside the pool.

Pros and cons

As with anything, there are some pros and cons for using the pebbles instead of the wood mulch. The advantages include: less chance to bring the mulch inside the pool on the feet, better drainage, no need of annual replacement. The disadvantages are: the rock might get quite hot under direct sun, it can get greenish with weed and the cost is considerably higher.
Beautiful landscape design with river rock around the pool

Detailed instruction

If you choose to use the river rocks this way, you might need to collect and clean it once in a while. To do this you should:

  • use the leaf blower to remove the debris;
  • try washing the mulch with garden hose but avoid using the nozzle as it can be too strong to keep the smallest rocks in place;
  • if this doesn’t work – use the rock containers. Collecting the pebbles portion by portion you will wash them in clear water plus the bleach or vinegar solution, in case of weed growth and stains;
  • wash the rocks thoroughly, changing the water until it’s absolutely transparent. Be careful not to lose the small pebbles draining the bucked from dirty first water.

Useful video

This short video demonstrates some pool landscape design ideas with river rocks of different sizes:

Mosaic Pavement

The second option for usage of the landscaping river rock around pool is much more artistic. You can make a mosaic pavement for the area around it with the pebbles pressed to concrete. You might have seen this kind of decoration on vacation, for example in Mediterranean countries.

Example of mosaic from river rocks
If you feel the creative power to do pool landscaping with river rocks, you’ll need:

  • wooden frame which will serve you as the template border (for the first time it’s easier to make mosaic with the repeated geometric pattern);
  • concrete mixture and sand;
  • inventory (plyers, trowel, pencil, bucket, hard brush, metal grid);
  • river stone of two contrast colors.

To make your first pattern you have to:

Mosaic pavement with river rocks

  1. Place the wooden frame on the flat ground and put the sand and flatten it. 1-2 inches of sand will be enough.
  2. Place the pebbles in a desired pattern on the sand. Remember that what you see now is the mirror image of the element, and place the flattest part of the rocks facing the ground (tip: basics of installing river rocks).
  3. Now with the trowel put the paste consistency concrete above. The layer of concrete should not be more than twice the width of the pebbles. Then put the metal grid, cutting it the size of the element and cover the space left in frame with thicker cement mixture.
  4. Let the template dry for 3-4 days and then remove the wooden frame. Voila, you first element is ready!

This way you can create a very special decoration that will make your neighbors roll their eyes in amazement. Whatever you chose to make with the landscape around the pool – use the river rocks, they are worth it.

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