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Key highlight of the yard – Pool landscaping rocks

Key highlight of the yard - Pool landscaping rocks

Pool is an element of your garden that cannot be ignored. This is the place the whole family can spend their weekends together, where your friends can enjoy barbeque party or where you can enjoy the view of your girlfriend in bikini.

It’s a relaxing oasis in the middle of your property. So should it be just a square tub with water or a beautiful tropical lagoon? Concrete jungle pond or natural paradise bay? Once you plan to build a pool, do not forget to design the landscape around it as well.


There are many ways you can use the rocks to decorate the pool area. But let’s start with the important way the rocks can help you solve the very common drainage problem.


Sometimes you don’t have another choice but to make your pool an above the ground one. One problem it creates, that being elevated it usually doesn’t have the draining trenches and splashes fall all around.

If you plant the shrubs or flowers too close to the border of this type of pool, or just leave the wooden mulch around, you will get a swampy wet mess everywhere. So, in this case you need to place the material that will allow proper drainage and the rocks will do the trick.

For landscaping around pool with rocks you can use the crushed stones, pea gravel or for better looks the river rock (find out how to use this rock and basics of it’s installing).

So that’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Dig a trench around the pool (around 3 feet away from the edge), clear it from weeds and roots and treat the soil with the weed killing chemicals to make sure they won’t reappear.
  2. Now, 2 inches away from the pool border you going to make a slit trench, it should be around 30 inches deep. Now you place the metal root barrier sheet in it – this way you protect you pool from the roots and weeds growing underneath it.
  3. Now you can spread the rocks of your liking from the pools’ edge 3 feet outwards. Your drainage problem is solved.
Learn more information about landscaping with another types of rocks: small or large rocks, granite, slate stones, glass landscaping rocks, lava rock and it’s pros and cons. Also fake and river rock.


If you have an elevated pool, the edging can be a big design feature. The possibilities are various. You can simply use a paving stone, such as limestone or marble, to make them look neat and glossy.
Swimming pool edging idea
If you lean towards the concrete borders you can always make them more pretty by decorating their outside with the pebbles pushed into concrete. Or make an old stone wall look, creating a second layer decorative wall on top of the pool integrated one.

Important! If your pool landscaping rocks start getting greenish, use the vinegar and hard brush to clean the algae off. Learn more how to clean different landscape rocks, especially the river rock.


If you have enough space in your backyard, patio is an amazing way to organize the space next to the pool. The original word and tradition are Spanish, so for inspiration think of warm sunny Spanish terrace with the sea view. Feeling it?

Now, get to work. One of the biggest parts of the patio look is the stone flooring. Usually you going to use the flat stone, preferably limestone or marble.

Marble can get a bit expensive, but it’s worth spending money on for its shiny look. Don’t pave your yard with the sandstone, it has a nice texture, but is not enduring and will lose its looks in couple of years.
Small swimming pool with patio
If you decide on any other kind of rock, make sure it’s a light color one. Absorbing less heat, the white or pale rock will help you not to boil on the sun in the summer days and can let you come right out of the pool to the barbeque grill, without jumping on burning black rock (there are many another colors, for example: red, blue, gray, green).


Let’s say your patio is done, all the useful things are planned, what’s left? The beauty, of course! Decoration for the sake of decoration might seem vain, but it is not true.

Think how many years you going to enjoy this pool, don’t you need your eye to rest on something better than just white tiles? That’s when the rock gardens come in handy.

Astonishing rockery with waterfallIf you have an irregular shape pool, then it’s just begging to make a rock and plant composition in its curves. If you have large boulders, you can naturally integrate them in the landscape, adding few bright color plants and filling the space with the pebbles. Otherwise you can start the rock designing from scrap.

Here’re some small ideas of landscaping rocks around pool for you:

  1. Small white stone filled space with couple of bonsai style plants is a modern and trendy way of making a rock composition.
  2. A waterfall with large rocks and alpine plants will bring the peace and tranquility. There nothing more pleasant than the sound of the running water.
  3. Sandstone and succulents will bring a dash of the desert spirit, giving the oasis metaphor absolutely straightforward sense.

For those who are interested in above ground pool landscaping with rocks there is a picture of a simple design:
Above ground swimming pool with simple landscape design

Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:


Rockery for the pool with plantsAs you can see there are many different swimming pool landscaping rocks, but what about plants? When you chose plants for your rockery next to the pool, opt for the low-maintenance ones.

For example:

  • papyrus;
  • hibiscus;
  • bamboo;
  • creeping Jenny;
  • daylily.

Pool landscaping with rocks is not very difficult activity. After doing these simple steps, all you need is just to enjoy an all-yearlong beauty of your pool backyard with the whole family.

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