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The Ideas of Using Pebble Rocks In Landscaping


Every family wants their garden to look picturesque and bright, possess some personality and show the owner’s mood and creativity. Decorative pebbles are often used in landscaping, they can help your garden to look natural.


Some Facts

On the market you’ll meet up with a rich choice of various decorative pebbles that will help your garden to look superb. You are welcome to choose pebbles of different sizes and colors.

Photo 3Pebbles, as well as gravel and stones have natural beauty. They don’t look artificial, that’s why pebbles can be used in your garden by a great number of ways.

Pond pebbles landscape rocks can serve you as a covering for the soil, material for creating a path or facing of architectural constructions, decoration of the open areas or a basis for producing various gorgeous figurines.

Landscapes with rocks and pebbles can be actually called the most economical.

If even you have a lot of space near your house and not much money, decorative pebbles is what you need. This natural material is cheap and long-lasting.

Choosing decorative pebbles rocks for landscaping

Before you start choosing decorative pebbles for your garden, you can firstly look at some pictures in the magazines or Internet, that will show you various pebble designs and ideas.

While you are choosing decorative pebbles, you should know, how this area in your garden will be used. It is important whether it is a driveway for cars, an area where people walk or ground cover in a flower bed.

An important advantage of using pebbles in landscaping is that this material can be used greatly with all the possible flowers. Pebbles is a natural material, so your favorite flowers will match harmoniously with them.

If you want t decorate open area in front of your house with pebbles, the plants that you use should be able to live in dry conditions.

Rounded decorative pebbles are advised for walking areas. It is more comfortable and pleasant to walk on rocks with soft edges. More than that, pebbles help to create great views in such places.

And it is much easier to walk on smaller decorative pebbles.

Landscape design in your garden should look harmoniously, so the pebbles color should match with other key elements. Pay attention to what colors are house brick, roof, gutter or paver about the house.

Pebble rock landscaping ideas

Photo5Various decorative ideas may need different pebble quantity. You may decide to decorate a tree, an aquarium or the whole back yard. Depending on that, you can purchase from a shovel to a whole truckload of pebbles.

There are some rough instructions about how much pebbles you need for different ideas. If you use the pebbles for a pathway, it is better to have them 50 mm deep, so one cubic meter covers 20 square meters. It is advised to use stabilization with pebbles in case they won’t go over the patio after somebody walks or drives there.


Before you start decorating your garden with pebbles, they should be prepared properly. If you collected pebbles by yourself, wash them thoroughly and sort by size and color.

Afterwards you need done squared paper where you draw the scheme of your idea, a path, a fence or other elements.
Later you can start creating. Pebbles can be fastened by different materials. If it is a rocary, beds, open verandah or paths – high-quality cement is advised, for small elements you can use stone glue.

You need to remember that it’s better to use a Weed Mat under the pebbles. It minimizes the growth of plants through the pebbles and behaves like a barrier between the pebbles and top soil. If you don’t use the weed mat, as the time passes, the pebbles will be pressed into the top soli, and it will start making its way to the surface (find out effective ways of killing unnecessary grass).

Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:

Fantastic rockeries

If you impressed with the idea of Japanese stone gardens, you can express the idea in your garden. Creating rockeries is a modern and popular pastime.

In the rockery all the stones are usually of the equal size. Between them you can place pebble, gravel and use such plants as shrubs, moss and succulents.

Photo9In the landscaping you can combine different materials and plants. By the way, marble aggregate is popular in creating paths. Marble is an eco material as well, it is suitable for any garden style, from country to gothic. Marble aggregate is available in different colors, white, black, red, rose, green, gray, blue, brown and so on. So, it can much with any garden design.

We hope that you’ll create a fantastic garden with the help of pebbles, rocks, plants and other natural materials. Such gardens are really good for relaxation and family rest outside. Wish you lovely holidays!

Usefull video

How to lay rocks for a garden border with a pebbles? Watch very useful video with instructions:

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