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Creative Lava Rock Landscaping Ideas: Designs With Red, Brown, Black Stones

Creative Lava Rock Landscaping Ideas: designs with red, brown, black stones

It is not a secret that, like any art, landscape design is based on naturalness and harmony. According to this, the problem of combination of ponds, plants and terrain with stones is very important.

There are three types of lava rock for landscaping: red, black and brown lava rock. In this article, you will receive knowledge about landscaping with lava rocks: ideas that can be easily done by yourself without any professional help. We hope that due to our recommendations and advices you will succeed!


Short review

The idea for landscaping garden with lava rocksFor landscaping purposes lava rock, first of all, is used as mulch for decorating flowerbeds, rockery, alpine gardens and ridges. Also, lava rock is a perfect material for making paths and walkways through the garden (pros and cons of lava rocks for landscaping).

Lava rock is suitable to decorate fountains, summer houses, arbors and fencing. One uses small and big rocks to deck ponds and waterfalls.

With lava rock a garden looks neat and well-attended. Using as mulch, lava rock of large fraction can be a perfect companion for adult trees, bushes and well-grown solitaire plants. Lava rock of smaller fraction will do with perennial herbs, flowers and shrubs.

For example, it will be a perfect composition of barberry, saxifrage, primula and euphorbia above red or black lava rock in form of rock garden. So as to other types of rocks, lava rock can match with granite, banded granite, basalt, sandstone, limestone and greenstone.

Learn more information about landscaping with another types of rocks: for pool, crushed rock, small, large and flat rocks, pebble rocks, white marble, gravel, granite, slate stones, glass landscaping rocks. Also fake and river rock.

Rockery Ideas with Brown Lava Rock

The most popular choice among customers is brown lava rock for landscaping. Brown is considered to be a “warm” color, since it is compatible with many tints and colors.
Rockery Ideas with Brown Lava Rock
When constructing a rockery using brown lava rock pay close attention to conifers that are able to be a soloist in your rockery or just make a combination of tall and bunchy conifers: arborvitae, juniper or spruce. Cultivars with unusual color will be more interesting – it is a perfect combination of blue spruce and brown rock.

Recommendation: try to find a place for conifers within your rockery: they will be good-looking even in winter, when other plants are not so attractive.

Another option for rockery with brown lava rock is decorative trees with colored leaves or flowers: almond, barberries, magnolia, forsythia tamped with grain cultivars as ling or fescue grass, annual and perennial flowers.

Rockery Ideas with Black Lava Rock

Black color is supposed to be “neutral”, therefore it can blend with any color and tint. It is compatible with any type of conifers, whether bushy or tree-like.

Be careful! Do not try to “overload” your rockery with conifers. One tall arborvitae and a pair of bushy junipers will be enough.

Black lava rock looks nice with decorative bushes and bushy plants: put one or two dwarf barberries, ericas, box tree or hostas. Landscaping with black lava rock may seem boring from the first sight, but do not underestimate this stone. You can use annual and perennial cover-grounds as saxifrage, stonecrop, aye-green or vinca.

Other rocks in black color.

Rockery Ideas with Black Lava Rock

Rockery Ideas with Red Lava Rock

In this particular section we will be speaking about red lava rock landscaping ideas.

Warning: one should be very careful with red lava rock since the red color is not able to match with any type of plant.

Concerning conifers, red lava landscape rock best match with specimen with green needles. Choose a dark-green dwarf spruce or pine as solitaire, and two or three barberries (green and purple) or box trees as companions.
Rockery Ideas with Red Lava Rock
Keep in mind, that you should have a certain idea of a future design when buying red lava rock for landscaping, otherwise it will be unnecessary purchase. Such plants as erica and lavender will be a good idea for a rockery with red lava rock.

Do not forget about cover-grounds that are able to hide free spaces or cover naked trunks of perennials: saxifrage, stonecrop, aye-green, vinca, thyme. Also, a rockery of any color should contain annual and bulbous flowers, like: primrose, bergenia, heuchera, hosta, geranium, bennet, tulips, crocus, flower-de-luce and narcissus.

Other rocks in red color.

Advice: working out a plan for your future rockery with any type of lava rock, do not try to plant as many trees and flowers as possible. Limit yourself to a pair of conifers or perennial shrubs, cover free spaces with cover-grounds.

There are many other colors of rocks, for example: blue, gray, green and of course white.

How to Decorate a Garden with Large Lava Rocks?

Different sizes of lava rocksA combination of huge stones and short-cut lawn is very popular today whether in combination with conifers and bushes or huge crops and flowers. It will be a nice idea to make two or three accents in your garden with huge lava rock pieces.

Decorate a free surface between rocks with a bush or pine adding a cover-grounds. Large lava rocks for landscaping are nice at decorating ponds and waterfalls.

Put a central big stone and spread smaller stones along the perimeter of a water basin. Use different plants as well, for example: brown and red lava rocks with a pine as solitaire, a pair of barberries beside, corns and perennial flowers.

Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:

Video tutorial

This short video will show you the basics of decorating garden with lava rocks:

How to Take Care of Stones?

Lava rocks never break down so they do not require replacement. Lava rocks only require infrequent weeding. Leaves and debris can build up on the rock surface, requiring periodic leaf blowing to remove the debris from the rock surface. Lava rock can be washed with a stream of water without any special chemicals.

Learn how to clean rocks properly?


Lava rock is a perfect material to decorate your garden: it is steadfast, doesn’t need annual maintenance, relatively cheap and lightweight. The color of a rock can be a nice complement to flowers and other plants. Use these stones to make your garden unique.

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