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Inconspicuous Fake Landscape Rock Cover

Inconspicuous Fake landscape rock cover or how to hide utility box?

Fake stone is a material designed to replace natural stone where the use of natural stone for any reasons is impossible, inconvenient or undesirable. Fake landscape rocks’ appearance is absolutely indistinguishable from the natural one.

It is made of different materials: cement, polyurethane, fiberglass. On the strength it is almost equal to natural. In the same way as natural stone, it is durable, non-toxic, non-flammable.



Faux landscape rock covers-boulders, having an internal cavity capable of concealing from the view the technical details of the street communications. The most widely fake landscape rock cover are used to disguise manhole covers and parts of septic tanks protruding above the ground.

Different sizes of faux rock coversThe range of sizes includes stones from 30 to 170 cm in diameter at the base of the boulder. If necessary it is possible to individually manufacture the larger sizes.

Artificial stone consists of the following parts: frame — highly durable fiberglass; and the veneer — glued different color of natural marble or granite chips. They are made from polyurethane, fiberglass and polymer resin, during the manufacture of this rock covers natural stone crumb is added.

Despite the massive appearance of these stones, they have a small mass, they can be lifted and repositioned, thus providing access to the object. These rock covers can be used instead of natural sandstone, granite or limestone.

Pros and cons

Fake landscape rock has a number of advantages over natural stone:

  1. It is easier.
  2. It is cheaper.
  3. It is more convenient to work with.
  4. It has a lot of colors and textures (of your choice).

Artificial stone easy to clean, resistant to high and low temperatures. As for the disadvantages, there are not to so many: the lifetime of fake boulders is less than natural analogues’.

Be careful: they are sensitive to elevated impact and influence of any chemical substance.

How to choose?

What to pay attention to when choosing decorative landscape rock covers?

Attention: While choosing fake hollow rocks for landscaping and decorating the covers of the engineering or Sewerage system, you need to figure out the dimensions of the base for the height of the cavity to completely cover the protruding structures.

If you have a garden of unusual design, then you can choose any design of fake rocks individually in any mall. The easiest way of choosing fake rock cover is an image of the structure with dimensions, which will be needed to be covered.
Faux rock cover can be used for different purposes
To choose decorative type of a boulder you should know the measurements of the structure. Then you should compare them with the actual dimensions of the cavity of the boulders by measurement with a tape measure.

There is a short video which describes the nuances of purchase fake landscape rocks cover:

Or you can create it by yourself.


To check the quality of the boulders you need to:

  1. Take boulder into the hands and place under the sun. The stone should not be x-rayed, if you noticed some bleed through it, such material is fragile and it should not be purchased.
  2. Look at the texture of the boulder. If it is clearly expressed, such material will look on unnatural in your garden.
  3. For the boulder not to let the liquid, the dirt, the sun’s rays, you need to check whether it processed with lower sides moisture-, sound-, heat-insulating foam.

How to use fake landscape rocks cover?

Before and afterFake rock in landscape design is not only used to build spectacular structures, but also in order to hide, camouflage design, spoiling the view of the landscape (e.g., hatches, covers, water wells, septic tanks). For this purpose, fake rock covers were produced. You just need to put it on unsightly objects, slightly pressed into the ground, and the task is done.

Instead of manholes appear beautiful rocks visually indistinguishable from natural granite boulders. Fake rock covers leaves simple, easy access to the well, at the same time hiding it from the view.

If you put a few decorative plants and make a wonderful arrangement, nobody would ever guess that only a manhole lies under all this beauty.

How to take care?

Another advantage of faux landscaping rock utility box covers – the ease and simplicity of care. Service life of fake rocks is about 20 years.

Artificial landscape rock covers do not need to be removed anywhere for the winter, they are not afraid of cold.

Advice: If you want to restore the brilliance of the stone to make it look like new, some care of fake stones and boulders is still necessary. Newly made stone shines like it is wet.

Over time, this shine is becoming lost and the surface of the fake rocks becomes dull. If you want to restore the effect of wet stone, you must clean the surface of the boulder from the dirt and dust, clean it with a wire brush, allow to dry and then brush to apply a special coating. Find out effective ways of killing unnecessary grass.

Then give the coating to get dry for 24 hours. After this time, the surface of the stone won’t not be exposed to any moisture or sunlight. After drying your stone will shine like you have just bought it.

Learn how to clean rocks properly?


Fake rock cover fits the garden landscape very well. It has a number of advantages over natural stone: weight, cost, easiness of use. It’s even possible to make it yourself. The main feature of these boulders is that it’s similar to the natural granite. Don’t hesitate buying it

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