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Easy and Creative Ideas of Using Fake Landscaping Rocks Boulders

Easy and creative ideas of using fake landscaping rocks boulders

Rocky compositions, garden paths and Alpine gardens that are made of stones are of great significance to landscape design. Very often when creating rock arrangements and rock gardens exactly fake rocks and fake boulders are considered to be winning more than natural ones.

The stones and boulders are widely used by people in the process of creating a beautiful landscape design. This is confirmed by the Japanese designs of landscapes, especially in fashion today, the main elements of which are fake rocks. This is a great option for decorating your garden.


It is beautiful and inexpensive. Just be careful while choosing fake rocks to be suitable to your landscape design.


Fake landscape boulder in the gardenBoulder is an indispensable attribute of modern landscape design. And today, it dominates in the design of natural and naturalness, the fake boulders is a great way to decorate a garden in the natural style.

Used in the landscape design it doesn’t looks like it has been placed here by a skilled designer’s hand but as if it real and lay there for a long time. Boulders are lighter than its natural counterpart, but it is not less durable and freely withstand human weight.

In addition, the fake stones can hardly be distinguished from natural slate, quartzite, granite, dolomite, limestone, Sandstone, etc. This similarity is achieved by applying special techniques of simulations, special dyes and pigments.

Attention: despite the fact the fake stones are made of cement, polyurethane, fiberglass, the strength of them is almost equal to natural.

Pros and cons

The main advantages of artificial landscape rocks boulders are:
Examples of artificial boulders

  • strength;
  • light weight;
  • environmental safety;
  • resistance to weather conditions;
  • high similarity with the natural material;
  • variety of shades and textures.

As for the disadvantages, there are not to so many: the lifetime of fake boulders is less than natural analogues’; large artificial rocks for landscaping are sensitive to elevated impact and influence of any chemical substance.

Recommendation: The main thing is to choose the right manufacturer of these stones and then it will serve you for quite a long time.

Video tutorial

If you do not want to buy fake boulder from the store, then you can easily create it by yourself. There is a short video how to make artificial boulder by using only 3 components:

Landscape design ideas

Fake boulders for the landscape is a popular material used In landscape design in the construction of platforms and paths, rock gardens, Alpine gardens, flower beds, ponds, fountains and waterfalls; a hollow mould used for the decoration of wells, manholes, caissons, ugly stumps, septic tanks, pumping and other equipment, unsightly sticking out at the landscape.

In addition, the artificial stones, depending on the interior are appropriate in the office lobby, cafe, restaurant and hotel. Fake landscaping rocks boulders are used to add an interesting touch to the existing landscape or creating a new one.

They can be used to diversify the dense vegetation. And, of course, synthetic stones used in the construction of artificial waterfalls, rocks and other structures where the use of natural material is not economically feasible.


This section includes photos that demonstrates the fake rock boulders landscaping ideas:

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

How to take care of fake boulders?

Fake boulders require almost no additional care. Service life of artificial rocks – about 20 years. They do not need to be removed anywhere for the winter, they are not afraid of cold. Find out effective ways of killing unnecessary grass.

Advice: If you want to restore the brilliance of the stone to make it look like new, some care of fake stones and boulders is still necessary. Newly made stone shines like it is wet.

Over time, this shine is becoming lost and the surface of the fake rocks becomes dull. If you want to restore the effect of wet stone, you must clean the surface of the boulder from dirt and dust, clean it with a wire brush, allow to dry and then brush to apply a special coating. Then give the coating to get dry for 24 hours.

After this time, the surface of the stone won’t not be exposed to any moisture or sunlight. After drying your stone will shine like you have just bought it.

Learn how to clean rocks properly?


Fake landscape boulders with plantsSo, artificial boulders – a great decoration of your garden. It’s cheaper than buying real rocks and boulders, moreover, they can be easily made with your own hands.

Fake rocks and boulders are easy to clean, resistant to high and low temperatures. It blends into the garden landscape in any interpretation. People are familiar with the use of stones and rocks in landscape design from ancient times.

It has long been observed that the minerals are able to diversify the look of any area. They are extremely beautiful, diverse in color and form and are easily treatable. The stones are able to embellish any infield and dignity will carry that mission for many years.

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