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Fake rocks

Easy and creative ideas of using fake landscaping rocks boulders
Easy and Creative Ideas of Using Fake Landscaping Rocks Boulders

Rocky compositions, garden paths and Alpine gardens that are made of stones are of great significance to landscape design. Very often when creating rock arrangements and rock gardens exactly fake rocks and fake boulders are considered to be winning more than natural ones.

The stones and boulders are widely used by people in the process of creating a beautiful landscape design. This is confirmed by the Japanese designs of landscapes, especially in fashion today, the main elements of which are fake rocks. This is a great option for decorating your garden.

Inconspicuous Fake landscape rock cover or how to hide utility box?
Inconspicuous Fake Landscape Rock Cover

Fake stone is a material designed to replace natural stone where the use of natural stone for any reasons is impossible, inconvenient or undesirable. Fake landscape rocks’ appearance is absolutely indistinguishable from the natural one.

It is made of different materials: cement, polyurethane, fiberglass. On the strength it is almost equal to natural. In the same way as natural stone, it is durable, non-toxic, non-flammable.

DIY faux landscape rocks or how to make fake rocks for landscaping?
DIY: How to Make Fake Rocks for Landscaping?

If you decided to diversify the design of your garden, to build an artificial waterfall or any other aesthetic design, it is not necessary to use natural stones and you don’t need to think where to get a wonderful erratic boulders.

You can create fake rocks with your hands, that will be more economical. Fake rocks is a great imitation of natural stone and just the option that will help you to decorate the garden is very natural.

From the article below you will know how to build artificial landscape stones and how to take care of them? In addition, we will give some useful recommendations and advices.