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Features and Various Types of Crushed Rock for Landscaping

Features and various types of Crushed rock for landscaping

Landscape design is the art of creating well-appointed areas for living or holiday of a person from natural resources. These resources include water, plants, rocks, natural stones in landscape design, since it is inevitable.

This pleasure is certainly not cheap, but the quality of the natural stone can be the envy of any artificial substitutes. It was used by the ancient architects whose works are preserved to our days. Natural stone is very durable, resistant to all weather conditions, during the time it doesn’t lose its strength and beauty.


Natural stones for landscaping are used not only as decoration but as the supporting structure of the landscape. They are used as cladding material of walls, roofs, steps, stairs, for arrangement of sidewalks, paths, ponds, flower beds, gardens, in urban and park landscape. Their use is so varied, as that will allow the imagination of the designer work.


Black crushed rocks for landscape designCrushed rocks for landscaping are the same large stones, but broken down into smaller parts, which are used for garden decoration. Stones may be broken specifically (for example, for garden design) or accidentally (e.g., when the rocks break up from aging).

These stones come in different colors, for example: red, blue, gray, brown, green and of course black or white. They can be natural or artificial.

Crushed rock for landscaping – excellent material for creating a rock garden. They are becoming increasingly popular due to easy landscaping.

The benefits of making landscaping with crushed rock:

  • affordable price;
  • durability;
  • it adds uniqueness to your garden;
  • easy maintenance (how to clean rocks).
Attention: If you use small crushed stones to cover the soil, but it is not surrounded by the barrier, gradually, the stone will be transferred to a neighboring territory.

The most often crushed granite is used for landscaping.

Learn more information about landscaping with another types of rocks: for pool, small, large and flat rocks, pebble rocks, white marble, gravel, granite, slate stones, glass landscaping rocks, lava rock and it’s pros and cons. Also fake and river rock.

How to choose?

Choosing crushed rocks both large and small for your garden design is not difficult. To begin with, decide what you want to do in your garden, choose a color and then buy the rocks. They are suitable for any design.
Different types of crushed landscape rocks

Design ideas

In this section, the most popular landscape ideas with crushed rocks will be discussed separately.


Crushed rocks are often used for uploading tracks, for lining borders of patios and beds. Most often it is used in clean areas.
Circle patio with crushed rock around
As for the color, it may be different. It all depends on your imagination.


The deck does not have to be wood, they can be made of crushed rocks. The landscape made of broken stones – a great option for bad places in your garden. We want to mention that there are many deck landscaping ideas with crushed rock on the picture below you can see one of them.
The idea of deck with crushed landscape rocks around
But it also has disadvantage – the surface may become loose. But you can change the color of the stone and to fill a new one. This will give a new look to your site

As drainage and pattern wall

Drainage for flowers with crushed landscape rocksA great way to hide the grass and make a path for walking. Another plus – the water seeps through the rocks and there is no surface puddles.

In the result, rain water does not linger on the surface and there will not be dirt on the surface. Another option is to use small crushed stones for drainage in flower pots

Crushed rocks can be used as an accent on the house. You can also put stones a certain pattern.

Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:

Installation process

No matter how you use crushed stones, it is very easy to install. Just select the place where you want to put or pour then.

Pay attention: If you use a small stone for example, to create paths, for a greater effect, you can lay a sheet of landscape fabric on the ground for its protecting and to pour the crushed rocks on it. This will prevent the rapid emergence of weeds (find out effective ways of killing unnecessary grass).
Tip: keep small crushed rocks in stock to always pour them as needed.

How to take care of them?

You won’t spend a lot of time on care of such rocks and the decorative effect will persist for a long time. Crushed rocks do not require any special care.

Recommendation: if large crushed stones are used in your garden, sometimes you may have to clean them from dirt, so they will stay shiny and it will not spoil the look of your garden. If you have small rocks (e.g., gravel) then you need to make sure that they were not taken away to another areas.


Thus, the use of crushed rocks in your landscape design is a very unusual decoration. They are inexpensive, easy to install and courtship. The use of crushed rocks in the design of your site will give it nobility, elegance and aesthetic appearance

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