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Universal Design With White Decorative Rocks for Landscaping and How to Clean These Stones?

Universal design with white decorative rocks for landscaping and how to clean these stones?

One of the most important moments in rockery creation is the right choice of rocks. Big or small, round or shaped, smooth or rough rocks always play a significant role in the rockery.

You will be surprised but white rocks can be with different structure and texture. We will discuss the most popular ones and give some recommendations about their usage: for which particular design they will suit better?


What you should think about while choosing rocks?

Chosing the best white rock for landscapeFinding right rocks is not the easiest question. Everything depends on your wishes and opportunities. Usually rockery consists of natural stones, but sometimes there can be exceptions: rocks can have industrial origin.

So, while making the choice you should remember about some points that you should know about rocks:

  • name;
  • origin;
  • rocks’ influence on surrounding environment;
  • rocks’ reaction to environmental factors;
  • interaction between rocks and people.
Advice! Combine different colors carefully. It might be better to choose only bright or dark colors to make rockery look more harmonic.

You should remember that rockeries should suit the whole landscape as well. The best place choice is when the rock looks like it has been always there.

That’s why decorators like picking rocks of the same shape, color and sometimes type. In the market you can find the large white landscaping rocks as well as small, and in the following part we will be speaking about different white rocks for landscaping that can be used in your garden or yard.

Learn more information about rock types for landscaping: for pool, crushed rock, small, large and flat rocks, pebble rocks, gravel, granite, slate stones, glass landscaping rocks, lava rock and it’s pros and cons. Also fake and river rock.


Limestone can be found almost everywhere and it will be not hard to find it. This white landscape rock will look natural in any kind of rockery.
Simple idea with white limestone
Limestone belongs to soft rock category and will not serve long, but because of its structure sharp edges disappear very fast and its surface covers with moss and lichen. If it is needed, you can make the rock of the shape which is wanted.
Landscape idea for front yard with white limestone
Limestone has porous structure that’s why it absorbs and keeps water for quite a long time. In this case it may have positive effect as the stone will feed plants with water.

If you decide to choose limestone, you should remember that it makes soil full of alkali. Of course, this is not very good for plants which “don’t like” acidity.
White limestone around the fence
Anyway, as far as limestone is more suitable for alpine rock garden, plants which are usually chosen for this type of gardens are quite okay with higher pH level. Natural limestone is believed to have health giving qualities.
White landscape limestone with green plants
It is an effective antiseptic which blocks contagion in the body. This stone doesn’t provoke any allergic reaction, that’s why it is used by healers to improve health (especially while having diseases). In the market you can find the large white landscaping rocks.


Marble is one of rocks which can be found almost everywhere. It consists of limestone and dolomite. This structure makes it harder, but still it is softer than granite or slate. It attracts designers all over the world due to the wide range of colors.
White marble in landscape design
One of marble advantages is its ability to get any shape which is needed. Marble can be of different forms: from rocks to chips, statues, etc. It is believed that marble can cure different bowels, stomach and pancreas diseases.
Landscape idea with white marble and different plants
Furthermore, this white decorative rock for landscaping helps to get rid of stress and fears, and cures insomnia. In addition, if you need just pieces of marble for decorating path you can easily buy these small white rocks for landscaping.

Quartz rock

Quartz is a widely spread rock and is very often used for decoration. Especially it is popular in contrast compositions, as its color looks eye-catching in combination with other colors.
White quartz in the front yard
Quartz is a very hard rock, that’s why it is not influenced by frost, water or sun. Furthermore, it doesn’t influence plants in any negative way. Generally quartz is used for edging.
Design of landscape in the front yard with white quartz
Usually it is thought that quartz rock has healing qualities and can cure breast and breathing organs. Mystics even think that it can attract luck, love, success and wealth.

How to clean white landscape rocks?

Long lifetime is a distinctive natural stone feature. But like any other part of environment, over the years rocks change their appearance. So sometimes it may be needed to clean boulders, chips, paths, etc.

The stone is getting covered with mud, dust, soil, moss or lichen. In places where is lot of moisture mould may appear.

Path in the garden with white rocksThere are two ways of cleaning landscaping white rocks:

  • water cleaning;
  • chemical cleaning.

Learn how to clean rocks properly?

Water cleaning is the safest and easiest way to clean rocks. Hot water is an effective way to get rid of organic dirtying. There is no matter how much lime water contains; it will not destroy rock’s surface. The only problem here is that not all dirtying can be washed off with water.

Sometimes chemical cleaning may be needed. In this case acid, lime, solvent or vinegar can be used. But remember that chemical cleaning causes visible rock surface destruction. So, maybe it might be better to take new rock.

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