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Bright Red Rocks for Landscaping: Interesting Design Ideas and Useful Information

Bright Red rocks for landscaping: interesting design ideas and useful information

Rockery is a decorative garden made of stones, constructed in the plane or on the terraces. Now it is becoming more and more popular among growers.

The shape, size and quality of the stones used for the construction of rock gardens quite versatile. There is only one piece of advice — soft rock containing a large amount of lime or chalk (calcium salts) is not recommended.


First, they quickly get soggy and disintegrate under the rain. And, secondly, contribute to excessive alkalinisation to the nutrient substrate. Recently in ornamental horticulture Alpine plants planted with large stone blocks of tufa with cavities has become popular.

How to choose red rocks for the rockery?

How to choose red rocks?If you decided to create a rockery in your yard or garden, you’d better follow some pieces of advice while choosing red landscaping rocks. Pay attention to:

  1. Kind of rocks – is the color natural or achieved by staining? Is it made of artificial materials?
  2. The country of origin.
  3. The impact on the surrounding substrate.
  4. Reaction to environment.
  5. Impact on human.
  6. Relations with plants.
Recommendation: As the rockery is a construction of stones, there are special requirements: they must be natural, of the same type and shape.

Old stones especially good with a bizarre shape. It is desirable to place a rockery on a flat, dry place, well lit by the sun.

Main characteristics

Red stones for rockeries can be of different size, shape. It will all depend on your imagination and design of your garden. They can be as small as pebbles or the size of a large boulder.

The colors of stones also vary from light pink to dark red. Surely, in nature there are basically lighter shades of these stones.

The red rock for landscaping includes: tuff, quartz, volcanic stone (lava), and others. Some of the stones in nature are gray.

They are pebbles, volcanic stone (lava), quartz, river granite, but can they can also be artificially colored. One of the most widely used stones for rockery tufa (travertine). It is a calcareous rock, but containing magnesium.

These red landscape rocks are lightweight and durable, with a porous structure that can absorb moisture. So the plants on the rockery may be overgrown with moss in just a few months.

Near the tufa groundcover plants live well. This rock also has the ability to neutralize the acidic soil.

Warning: As already mentioned above, for these stones are used only groundcover or low-growing plants and bulbous flowers in a small amount.

Simple landscape design with red rocksAs for the color combinations, the red stones go perfectly with white, pink flowers, and the rest depends on your desire and taste. Properly constructed rockery with red stone will have only positive influence on people – it calms and make you feel relax.

There are a great number of Ideas for using these stones. It all depends on your taste, the size of the stone and its shape. It can be accent boulders, ground cover, flower bed border, walkways, pond, waterfalls.

Another version is the design-miniature rockery which is a very interesting type of modular flower garden. The composition reproduces the image of the real great rockery, with all that is required just in miniature.

Tip: the stones should not be of the same magnitude. You also should not take very large and very bright stones, as they will eclipse the beauty of plants.


In this section you will find some creative landscape ideas with different shades of red rocks:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6

How to take care of stones?

Like the other stones, red ones do not require special care. This is a big plus of rockeries.

Recommendation: the only thing required is the care of plants that grow in the rocks and their correct choice, as some stones can have an impact on the soil or else the plants nearby the rocks may die.

Learn how to clean rocks properly?


So, choosing red rocks for a rockery is not that difficult. The main thing is to decide what you are going to build of them in your garden and you’d better have some notion what you are going to buy.

If you are in doubt about your knowledges, you can use help of a landscape designer who will tell you how to choose the rocks, their right size, shape. But what should be emphasized by you is quality and quantity of material.

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