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Fairy Forest Theme with Green landscape Rocks

Fairy Forest Theme with Green landscape rocks

There is a great variety of rock of any color on the market. One of the all-time favorites is a green shade, designers love it for its natural look and cold beauty. If you prefer a northern spirit to rein in your garden this rocks can help you.

In this article we will be speaking about green landscape rocks that have different texture. Also, useful recommendations and advices will be provided below as well as pictures.



There are plenty of common landscaping rocks that can bring a tint of green to your composition:

Therefore, green landscape rocks can have different texture and in the following section we will discuss each one separately in order you to know them better and did the right choice.

Learn more information about rock types for landscaping: for pool, crushed rock, small, large and flat rocks, pebble rocks, slate stones, glass landscaping rocks, lava rock and it’s pros and cons. Also fake and river rock.


It is one of the most enduring rocks in the scale. If you are looking for the gravel that will survive years and years of walking on it – granite is your perfect choice.
Path from green crushed granite
Because of the incrustations of mica and quartz, the texture of the granite boulder will never look dull, shimmering with different colors on the sun or under the rain. You can find it in many amazing color combinations, such as green with pink, for example.

Attention! All rocks used as mulch tend to retain heat, which can reflect back onto the plants, causing them to dry out.


It will never have bright color, but if you need a light shade, sparkly green-grey rock – this can be your choice. The big flagstones or boulders of marble are the luxury that not everyone can afford, but crushed marble can be easily obtained.
Green marble in landscaping design
You can use it to make the patterns in your rock garden, or just pour it on the pathway. Just do not forget that the small rock gravel has a tendency to wash out, so you have to think about making borders, protecting is.


It is one of the most used for landscape design rocks. It can have some beautiful layers of greenish color in its color palette, especially the stones that come from the painted desert.
Floor in the front yard from green sandstone
Not being very enduring rock, it’s not recommended in the areas where you will walk on it all the time. But if you want to create a desert-inspired garden on your lawn, these green landscaping rocks will be a perfect choice.


It can come in beautiful bright green color. Shale quite a tricky rock to use, as it all consists of thin layers and can break off easily.
Back yard floor with green shale
So, the best will be using it for strictly decorative purposes, for example in little waterfall architecture, or surrounding the flower bed.

Tips and tricks

If you’d like to use the green landscape rocks, here’re few tips for you:

  1. Depending on the style, you should carefully choose your plants. Small evergreens, combined with granite or black-green basalt will bring the Nordic spirit. Blooming flowers around the same rock will make more summer meadow impression. But avoid having too much green plants around green rock – it can make both lose its particular look and make the scenery dull.
  2. Choose the colors for your garden according to the color of your house. The more thee complement each other – the better will be the overall look of your landscape design. There are plenty of colored rocks: red, blue, gray, brown and of course black or white.
  3. Even though the rock creations are low-maintenance, keep them properly clean.

How to clean?

Follow these steps for the garden spring cleaning:

For the big rocks:

  1. Sweep them with the broom to remove dust and loose dirt.
  2. Wash off the mud with a garden hose.
  3. Use vinegar and scrub brush to get rid of the algae and moss.
  4. Rinse the boulder again with clean water.

For the flagstones and pavers:

    Cleaning landscape green rocks

  1. Sweep with the stiff bristled broom.
  2. Use the same broom and vinegar solution to scrub off algae and moss.
  3. Rinse it with the sweeper nozzle of the garden hose.

For the mulch and gravel:

  1. To remove the debris, use the leaf blower.
  2. Try to wash them with the garden hose, but do not use the nozzle for it can push the smallest rocks far away.
  3. If it didn’t work – use the rock containers filled with water to wash the rock potion by portion. You can add household bleach for the stained rocks.
  4. Be careful not to lose the rocks when dumping off first dirty water.

Learn how to clean rocks properly?

Making your landscape stunning can be a long quest, but it starts with the small things. Pave your pathway with colorful gravel, plant couple of beautiful boulders to attract attention and here you are, making your first steps in the landscape design!

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