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Irreplaceable Assistant In Creating Beautiful Compositions – Brown Landscape Rock

Irreplaceable assistant in creating beautiful compositions - Brown landscape rock

Landscape design is an art, which you can create using a variety of materials, including stones. People began to consciously surround themselves with the rocky gardens many centuries ago.

Nowadays rockery is an element of garden design, located on a flat, with no hills, flat area. The stones can be of different shape, size, color, origin, prices. It’s a matter of taste and your imagination.


Advice: it’s not recommended to combine stones of different colors. Do not place brown, gray, blue stones and dark gray in one composition, as it will not look harmonious.

For the unity of the painting it is better to use only light or only dark stones.

How to choose brown rocks?

You should carefully choose brown landscape rock for rockeries, as well as the stones of other colors. You should pay attention to:
How ro chose brown landscape rocks properly?

  1. Kind of rocks the color is natural or achieved by staining? Is it made of artificial materials?
  2. The country of origin.
  3. The impact on the surrounding substrate.
  4. Reaction to environment.
  5. Impact on human.
  6. Relations with plants.

Main characteristics

Brown stones for rockeries include sandstone, slate, buff stone, yorkstone, barkstone. Size of brown stones can be various: from a few grams to 250kg large boulders. It all depends on what your goal is.

The shade of the stones may vary from light brown with a pinky tinge to a golden brown. Some species of stones such as pebbles, lava rock (lava) can be colored artificially. In nature they are gray. Most of the brown rocks for landscaping are brought from the sea – that is from warmer countries.


Sandstone does not erode quickly, so the angles can be acute. It is important to remember that. It may not fit your design.
The landscape idea with light brown sandstone for the swimming pool
Wall from brown sandstone in the front yard


As for the slate, despite its layered structure, the rock has a good ratio of hardness and low coefficient of water absorption. Slate is stone very stable to temperature changes. It is also believed that this brown stone relieves nervous tension and stress.
Path from brown slate in the garden
Entry from brown slate in the garden

Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:

Tips and tricks

But the most important advantage of rockeries are plants. In rockeries with brown stones it is allowed to actively use almost all plants the owners of the garden want to see in their area.

For small rockeries 10-15 different types of coniferous, deciduous and groundcover plants will be enough. Flowering herbaceous perennials, bulbs, ferns and grasses.

Appropriate in rockeries look spirea, boxwood, barbaris, cotoneaster, azaleas and roses are widely used in stone gardens. Moreover there are no special restrictions on the plants.

Attention: selection of species should primarily start from the place where you plan to break the rockery. White, red, pink, green, yellow plants will look better with brown stones.

There are a great number of ideas for using dark brown landscape rock as well as other shades of this color. It all depends on your taste, the size of the stone and its shape. It can be accent boulders, ground cover, flower bed border, walkways, pond, waterfalls.

Recommendation: As the rockery is a construction of stones, there are special requirements: they must be natural, of the same type and shape. Old stones especially good with a bizarre shape. It is desirable to place a rockery on a flat, dry place, well lit by the sun.

How to take care of stones?

If you are able to choose the right plants for rockeries, you won’t spend a lot of time on care and the decorative effect will persist for a long time. Brown landscaping rock does not require any special care.

Recommendation: when the plants have already been planted, they need much constant care. Although these plants usually don’t need rich soil, they periodically need to be fed and watered as soon as the soil becomes dry.
Be careful: Sometimes you need to pour the mulch, preventing the growth of weeds and reduce water evaporation from the soil. You will need to cut overgrown plants, to replace the dead.

Learn how to clean rocks properly?


Different shades of brown landscape rocksAs you can see the choice of stones for rockery – it is that difficult. Most often it depends on you, on your taste and financial possibilities. As a rule, rockeries are created from natural stones.

Choosing stones for the rockery, they should be first of all to you visually beautiful for you to receive aesthetic pleasure. But consider also the properties of rocks and don’t neglect these tips.

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