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Various Shades of Blue Landscape Rocks

Various shades of Blue landscape rocks

Creating something remarkable in the landscape design, it is difficult to stop. Even those cottagers, who seem to have everything in their garden: the lawn, the hedges, flowerbeds want to have something creative. Among the simple ideas through which you can quickly transform a garden is to make a rockery with your hands.

This green oasis in the country, framed by natural stones, will certainly revive your garden. Today it’s becoming more and more popular and fashionable to landscape your garden with stone that can be of different colors: red, gray, brown, green and of course black or white and others.


Rockery imitates the rockery terrain, so it’s situated on the plane, not on the slope. In the construction of this element of landscape design the shape, the color and the location of stones play an important role.

How to choose the rocks?

Blue landscape rocks: how to chose them properly?It’s important to follow some rules choosing blue rocks for the rockery because selection of stones depends on the impressive appearance of the composition.
What things to pay attention to while choosing the rocks:

  1. Kind of rocks – is the color natural or achieved by staining? Is it made of artificial materials?
  2. The country of origin.
  3. The impact on the surrounding substrate.
  4. Reaction to environment.
  5. Impact on human.
  6. Relations with plants.

Characteristics of rocks

The size of the stones depends entirely on your desires and preferences. They can be as large as a human growth and small in diameter of 15-20 cm. Shades can also be very different: gray, dark blue, light blue, green-blue and so on.

As for the blue rocks for rockery stones the most popular are: limestone, granite, pennsylvania blue stone, basalt lava, cobble stone. They all have natural blue color with different shades. Some stones can be painted artificially, but these stones will cost more.

As for the origin, it depends on the type of the stone. For example, granite is a rock that is formed by slow cooling and further solidification of magma. In the section below there is detailed information about blue landscape rocks with different texture.


Landscape designers have a dual attitude to granite. On the one hand it is one of the most solid rock, its aging is very slow, it has good resistance to weathering.

Floor in the garden with different shades of blue granite
Despite the advantages of granite, it is considered not quite suitable for rocky gardens, because its presence rapidly oxidizes the soil, and they are also quite expensive. However, it is a typical representative of many regions, so these blue rocks for landscaping are widely used.
Beautiful landscape idea with blue granite


Its main advantage is just the ease of weathering, which leads to rapid smoothing of corners and as a result it overgrown with moss and lichen. The overgrowing of these spore plants limestone gives a more natural look that enhances its decorative value among other rocks. However, these blue landscaping rocks have a disadvantage; plants that do not like limy soil cannot grow beside them.
Blue limestone in the front yard

Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:


Interestingly, the stones can also have an impact on the human. It is believed that the rounded, smooth shape blue color stones have a calming effect on people, they cause a feeling of peace and emotional balance.

Simple landscape idea with blue rocksSharp and rough evoke the feeling of anxiety and irritation. It is important to choose the right flowers for rockeries, since this affects the appearance of rockeries.

When choosing plants for rockeries you should pay attention not only to the evergreen coniferous shrubs, which would be a perfect decoration in any whether, but also on decorative colorful plants which grow just one year. On rocky soil saxifrage, sedum, moodily will feel good.

Choose the plants you need based on the location (in the shade or in the sun) of the rockery. There are a great number of Ideas for using stones. It all depends on your taste, the size of the stone and its shape. It can be accent boulders, ground cover, flower bed border, walkways, pond, waterfalls.

Recommendation: As the rockery is a construction of stones, there are special requirements: they must be natural, of the same type and shape. Old stones especially good with a bizarre shape. It is desirable to place a rockery on a flat, dry place, well lit by the sun.

Care of the rockery

A big plus of the rockery is that it requires almost no maintenance. It all depends on what plants you choose for your rocky garden. If it is a moisture-loving plants in the summer they should be watered, using a hose spray to wash away small stones. In addition, you need to remove dead flowers and seeds.

Attention: do not leave seeds, because it is fraught with unplanned self-sowing in your field. That will destroy carefully planned composition (find out effective ways of killing unnecessary grass).

Learn how to clean rocks properly?


So, rockery is a great decoration of your garden. You can use the services of a professional designer or to rely on your imagination. Create your perfect and unique garden with blue colored landscape rocks.

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