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Create Formal style with black landscaping rocks: various stones with this shade for landscape

Create Formal style with black landscaping rocks: various stones with this shade for landscape

Rocks are the main part of rockeries, that’s why stones which were chosen in a wrong way may lead to failure. So, in order to find the best solution for your rock garden, you have to choose rocks carefully.

In this particular article, we will be speaking about black shade of rocks. You will have an opportunity to know more about different stones and this information will help you to choose the best one based on your landscape design.


What you should pay your attention to?

Of course, while choosing rock type you have to take into account rock’s qualities such as:

  • durability;
  • life time;
  • absorption of water;
  • cold resistance;
  • decorative effect.
Notice! It is important to find the right colors which will suit each other and the whole landscape as well.

Black lava rocks in the handsWhile stopping your choice on any kind of rock type you should realize its durability and what you are going to use the stone for. For example, if you are going to make alpine rock garden, it would be better to choose hard rocks, which do not have a tendency to quick self-destruction. Especially this is about rocks which are used as “foundation”.

Rocks should have long life time and high level of moisture resistance as well. As far as black landscaping rocks will be outside and will be influenced by weather, their life time will depend on cold and water resistance level.

Advice! It is unlikely to use unnatural stones for rockeries.

Stones’ unnatural origin will be obvious (especially if you decide to combine them with natural rocks). So, the simulation of natural stone garden will be lost.

The following part include useful information about different black landscape rocks, so you can chose the best option for yourself.

Learn more information about rock types for landscaping: for pool, crushed rock, small, large and flat rocks, white marble, gravel, granite, slate stones, glass landscaping rocks, lava rock and it’s pros and cons. Also fake and river rock.

Basalt and basaltic lava

Basalt is a widely spread rock which can be found almost all over the world, as it appears from volcanic scoria. Basalt is as hard as granite and resistant to acids and alkali.

Furthermore, it has perfect thermal insulating characteristics. This black landscape rock is a very popular type of stone in landscape design: it is well used for flowerbed, alpine rock garden and rockery.

On these pictures you can see some landscaping ideas with black lava rock:

Fountainf from black bazalt
Small bazalt lava rocks in landscape design
Healers believe that volcanic rocks combine earth, water, fire and wind. That’s why basalt and basaltic lava can bring physical and mental harmony.


For landscape designers prefer using pebbles from seas, rivers and lakes. Sea pebbles are more round and hard, river pebbles are plate, and lake pebbles are soft but the most beautiful. The smallest stones are usually used for decorations while bigger ones can be seen on paths and cladding.
Black polished pebbles in landscape design
The cheapest pebbles are lake ones. Generally pebbles are used for covering the ground where are no rocks.
Small peblles in the garden's path

Moreover, pebbles are perfect for dry brook creation or paths in alpine rock garden. As an option black pebble landscape rocks can be combined with sandstone.

Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:

How to clean black landscaping rocks?

Front yard landscape design with black rocksThere are different weather and climate factors which may influence rocks’ appearance in a negative way. If you decided to clean the rocks, there are two different options:

  • water cleaning;
  • chemical cleaning.

Water cleaning is perfect when rocks are not too dirty and dirtying has natural origin. In addition, water cleaning doesn’t destroy rock surface, so, the stone will keep its appearance and stay beautiful for a long time. Sometimes water cleaning is not enough and in this case you may use chemical cleaning.

Remember! The majority of stones cannot stand alkaline and acid detergents.

Moisture can become a big problem for rocks. So, if you decided to get rid of mould using chemicals, try to find soft detergent which has chloride inside. Rust removing may cause more difficulties, but if the rock is resistant to acids, you can use detergents with inorganic acid.

Learn how to clean rocks properly?

Alkaline detergents are used for highly soiled stones. So, you should remember, that if you use any kind of chemical cleaning, you should wash it off carefully. It is desirable to use alkali-free liquids. If you cleaned stones with alkaline detergent, do not wash it off with hot water, as hot water will speed up chemical reaction and you will destroy rock’s surface.

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