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Vivid Colored rocks for landscaping design

Vivid Colored rocks for landscaping designIt might not be obvious, but decorative rocks can make your garden interesting at least as much, or even more than the plants or lights. Carefully designed rock garden or simply a beautifully paved pathway can make your garden to stand out.

Even more so, if you manage to choose the interesting color solution for your landscape design.



The decorative rocks give you plenty of possibilities to add some lively color to your garden. Let’s see what the most common natural colored rocks have to offer.

The most popular colored rocks for landscaping are:

Landscaping rock colors can be different and it depends on their texture. In the following section we will discuss the multi colored landscape rocks separately.


A sedimentary rock usually comes in shades of warm yellow. Sandstones can have layers of other colors in them that create an interesting patterns and textures. There is a landscaping idea of this colored rock:
Design of colored wall with sandstone
The rocks from the painted desert have the most noticeable striations and can be including layers of tan, grey, green and white. This kind of sandstone can be used to create a desert-themed rock garden and be placed as the main feature boulder or it can be used as simple as the paving stone for the patio, to bring a warm sunny atmosphere.

River rock

It is not strictly talking one kind of rock, but the combination of different ones, looking like the water washed pebbles from the river bed. This colored landscape rock is coming in different sizes.
Interesting idea of landscape design with colored river rocks
The river rocks can be used multipurpose in landscaping design, for example: pool landscaping, designing dry river creek. The color range can be varying from grey and white shade to pink, green or brown pastels.


It can look like a magical crystal in your enchanted garden if you give it chance. The most usual and affordable option is a milky quartz.
Colored quartz in landscaping design
The mineral impurities can give the quartz rock the tint of pink, yellow, green and other colors. Except of the obvious uses in decoration of the garden, the quartz elements can look beautiful around the small outdoor lights, seemingly lighten up themselves from the inside. So, if you want to create an atmosphere of magic definitely try to use these colored landscaping rocks.


It can have many different colors and patterns due to the mica, quartz and other mineral incrustations. The combinations of the colors within one rock can be: black and gold, black and white, red and grey and even black with black sparkling elements.
Simple landscaping design with colored granite
The endurance qualities of granite are also impressive, but this can have an impact on its price – this rock esndo’t come too cheap.

Volcanic rock

It is also as known as a lava rock. It is usually black, gray or red.
Colored lava rocks for landscaping design
These color rocks for landscape are much lighter than most of rocks for its porous structure. Very popular for the landscape design in US it can help you in creating the tropical themed garden.


It always brings the nobility and aristocratic feeling to any design ideas. Usually we talk about the white marble, but it can also have the grey, blue, pink or green shade.
Simple project with colored marble
Being perfect for bringing some brightness to your rock garden it might be not the best choice for the walkways or other places where it can get dirty. Marble covered in mud does not give a desirable impression.

Attention! Make sure the rocks you install do not obstruct the growth of the plants next to them and allow roper drainage.
Learn more information about rock types for landscaping: for pool, crushed rock, small, large and flat rocks, pebble rocks, gravel, slate stones, lava rock and it’s pros and cons. Also fake and river rock.


The artificial rocks add to this variety almost innumerable amount of possibilities. You can always use the glass rocks of almost any color or you can get the natural rock painted – only your fantasy is a limit.

But there are few things you should not forget:

  1. As you can see rock colors for landscaping can be different but remember about your style. Don’t mix up too much rocks foreign to each other. The sharp greenish shale rock will not look as one with limestone gravel.

    The lava rock is no friend to river one etc. It’s quite simple – usually if these minerals would never be on the same soil – they are not working stylistically with each other.

  2. Other landscape designs with colored rocks

  3. Don’t overdo the fake elements. The glass pebbles or the luminescent rocks might be cool if added in some specific points, but if you spread them too much it creates unnatural spirit that is one thing you should avoid when designing, for example, a rock garden.
  4. Pay attention to the way your rocks look when wet. Some of them might change the color quite a lot and make your carefully designed composition fall apart in unсconnected pieces.


Using the colored rocks, you can create your own unique landscape, that will be there any season and does not require high maintenance. So go, start you first rock garden today!

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