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Easy Way to Change the Appearance of the Garden: How to Move Large Rocks for Landscaping?

Easy way to change the appearance of the garden: How to move large rocks for landscaping?

Garden is a special place for rest, relaxation, lovely picnics and games with the family. Everybody wants their garden to look perfect and unusual people often choose various styles and decorative ideas for landscaping.

For such ideas you usually need different natural materials. Rocks, pebbles and others are great for landscaping. Quite often gardeners try to repeat the ideas of popular Japanese stone gardens, which look magnificent.

Rocks moving

Quite often, according to your plan of a perfect garden, the boulders should be situated in key positions, or old boulders need to be moved away. If boulders are situated on green areas or among flowers, the garden gets a more natural organic look.

Small boulders can be easily moved by hand around the garden to create a lovely compositions, but you should be really careful with big ones. Moving them carelessly can even damage you.

Special machine for moving large rocks for landscapeCommunication with large rocks is more difficult. Though you can cope with them even by yourself. So, let’s discuss how to move large rocks for landscaping?

There are some handy tips that will help you to move large rocks in your garden. If you don’t want to do this job by yourself or the rocks are too big or situated not the best way, you can ask for help.

There are special services that help people to move rocks around. A person driving a tractor can move your boulders in the garden. Drive them away if necessary or bring for you new boulders and position them in the place you wish.

Of course, it is easier and quicker to hire a machine for a day. But unseen circumstances can occur. Rock handling can scratch the rocks surface or destroy their natural look.

If you really care about the rocks in the garden, you can hire a machine with a real professional, but it will cost more.

Learn more information about landscaping with various types of rocks: for pool, crushed rock, small, large and flat rocks, pebble rocks, white marble, gravel, granite, slate stones, glass landscaping rocks, lava rock and it’s pros and cons. Also fake and river rock.

Advice on moving boulders

If you finally decide to do all the job with boulders by yourself, there are some handy tips that will be useful:

  1. If you want to dislodge rocks from the space they are now, you need to wedge a pry bar under the rock, and then balance the bar on a block. Digging out some material from the stone is also helpful.

    Later on, you can transport new rocks to the garden on a flatbed truck and roll or pry them on any moving device. Smaller rocks can be moved around the garden with the help of rope, large piece of fabric and an old tire.

  2. How to move large landscape rocks by yourself?

  3. You need to tie a rope around the tire’s edge, after put a big piece of fabric over the top of the tire for protection. Then lift the stone into the center of the tire very carefully, on the top of the fabric. And you need to drag the tire to the rock’s new place.
  4. The boulders of medium and small size can be also moved around with the help of sliding device. You can make such a device stronger with the help of a piece of plywood.
  5. Various devices on wheels can also help you. If the rock is not really big, put it in a wheeled trash bin to move to the necessary place.
  6. The rocks of nearly every size can be moved around to the destination spot in a wheelbarrow, turned to the side. You need to push a boulder to the inside of the wheelbarrow while your helper pulls on the top edge of the wheelbarrow to turn it upright.
Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:

How to move large landscape rocks? One more way to move large rocks is a system of planks and rollers.

You need to set up 6 PVC pipes near your rock, then lift it to the people’s with the help of a pry bar. One person pushes the rock over the poles while the second takes the poles behind the rock and moves them to the front.

Moving big boulders is not an easy thing. So, you should be 100% sure in their new destination. Check your plan, than dig a hole for the stone.

With the use of the pry bar roll the boulder from the transport into the hole. Afterwards fill in the edges with dirt. The job is done.

We hope that you cope with such an uneasy thing as moving large boulders in the garden. Your prize is the amazing view of your garden with the rocks situated harmoniously. More than that, such job is a great exercise and also an art of creating a superb garden.

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