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Stunning Large Rock Landscaping Ideas: How to Landscape With Boulders?

Stunning large rock landscaping ideas: How to landscape with boulders?

Landscaping in your own garden is a big pleasure. Of course, you can hire the company which will make your garden look splendid. But you can do it yourself to save money, enjoy yourself and create what you really want, the garden of your dreams. All the family can participate in that.

It is great to use natural materials, because they look really harmonious and match perfectly with all the trees and flowers. Rocks of different sizes is a nice solution for landscaping.


If you decide to use large boulders in your garden you should know that they add texture and height, help to make flat yards look more appealing.

Using boulders as an accent in landscape designIt is not always easy to bring a new boulder to the garden grounds. So, you should be really attentive, because the rock should be situated in the right place to look natural. Just a random stone in the garden doesn’t look well, you should plan other elements such as flowerbeds, plants, etc.

The best places where you can take stones from are local stone quarries. Such big stones are heavy enough, their weight can be from several hundred pounds to more than a thousand. Actually, it is not a big problem, you can order delivery. But you need to prepare the ground beforehand.

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Landscaping preparation

The first and compulsory step in landscaping using rocks and boulders that should be done before the process is the stage of preparation. As the boulders are really heavy and it is not a big fun to move them several times, make a sketch plan of your design on paper, so you can try different ideas without really moving the boulders around.

When you are ready with the idea, the soil should be prepared properly. You need to dig the soil out and bury from the third to a half of the stones. Afterwards tightly pack the soul around the rock’s base (find out effective ways of killing unnecessary grass).

To prevent the boulder from shifting anchor it in hills. The stone should be seen from the most attractive side, so a nice view of your garden opens. Now let’s take a quick look at some interesting designs of using large rocks in landscaping.


How to use large rocks in landscaping? There are a lot of popular large rock landscaping ideas. Have a look at them, and maybe some ideas will be ideal for your lovely garden.

In the rock garden large stones can play the roles of focal pieces. The other space can be completed with smaller rocks and your favorite plants.

A number of boulders can be set around the fire ring or backyard patio, with the help of them you’ll organize simple bench-style seating. Here is the photo with example:

Large landscaping rocks around the fire ring in the garden

Boulders can be used in flowerbeds to accent a flower or group of flowers. If there is a lot of flowers, you can use several stones.
Boulders as an accent for flowers

A single boulder situated in a bare part of your garden is visually very interesting. You decide what role it is going to play. The stone may be a statement piece standing isolated or you can plant shrubs around. Plants around create a softer look and blend the chosen stone with the environment.

Advice: Big stones are ideal as edging for a flowerbed. You should pay attention to the stones’ size, using them in your garden design. The boulders can be a retaining wall that holds back a gentle slope in the yard.

You can create a fence from big boulders in your front yard. These stones should be from 3 to 4 feet tall and situated 1 foot apart from each other. Such fence shows a boundary line, but there is a passage between the boulders. This idea is perfect for people living on a busy street with the house really close to the road.
Fence around the house with boulders

One of the best big rock landscaping ideas is using them in order to conceal some unattractive elements, for example, a utility box. A stone placed in front of such object is a great helper.
Large rock for covering utility box

You may like the moss to grow on the boulders in the ground. For that you need to paint them with the following mixture. Mix two parts moss with two parts water and also one part buttermilk for a slurry. Afterwards you need to paint the stone with this slurry in a shaded location. It encourages moss growing.
Large moss boulder in landscape design
As you can see, large boulders can be used differently to make your garden look unique. Lots of solutions are possible. You just need to use your imagination and not forget about personal preferences of your family members.

Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:


If you want more ideas you can click on this video and watch some tips and tricks of using large rocks or boulders in landscape design:


We hope that our ideas will help you in landscaping. The choice of boulders is rather rich, you can find the natural ones in the nearest quarries or order the stones of different colors and sizes from the companies specializing in rocks for landscaping.

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The design of the garden or rock garden can also be done by you or trusted to specialists. Whatever your choice is we wish you to create a wonderful garden of your dreams and enjoy it!

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