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Ameliorate the View of the Garden With the Help of Large Landscape Rocks and Boulders

Ameliorate the view of the garden with the help of large landscape rocks and BouldersRocks and stones, as well as boulders, have always been actively used for creating beautiful and unique landscapes. Stones are found in combinations with plants and water, that makes them all natural and extremely attractive.

A stone is a perfect building material, stones and rocks are indispensable for decorating ponds, waterfalls, rockeries and other flowerbeds. In the passage below we will be speaking about different usage of boulders and big rocks.



Boulder – is a piece of a rock, that broke off as a result of long-term water exposure. The shape of boulders is smooth and streamline.

These large landscape rocks are very solid, steadfast to temperature difference and durable.

Boulder rocks for landscaping are represented in great variety of sizes: from medium river stones to huge cobble-stones. All of them are of different colors and hues.

Pros and Cons

Large landscape boulderAdvantages of using big rocks for landscaping design:

  • durable and extremely long living material;
  • sustainable and ecological-friendly: do not affect nearby soil and plants;
  • stable for environmental activity: do not suffer from snow and rainfalls, frost, sun heat and temperature difference;
  • splendid decorative properties;

There are also some disadvantages connected with landscape rocks and boulders:

Warning: some types of stones do not endure heating to high temperatures. Do not use such stones for decorating fireplaces and barbeque.

How to Choose stone for a Garden?

Adding large decorative rocks for landscaping to the design, first of all, you should precisely decide, where and how you are going to use boulders: whether you will use stones for rockery, pond, waterfall, or just scatter some stones on your lawn.

Advice: while planning a landscape design with boulders, do not strive to use them as much as possible adding big stones to every free space of your garden, otherwise you will get a peculiar “scrap heap” of stones that will “overload” your design project. A couple of boulders in combination with trees and bushes will be enough, try to group them.

Thanks to their naturalness and the ability to be used in any style, big landscaping rocks and boulders become all-purpose material.

Japanese ‘stone’ gardens contains rocks and boulders of different shapes and sizes (more than 10 meters in diameter) to imitate four elements: water, ground, air and fire. You can see the example of suc garden in the picture below:

Japanese stone garden with boulders

Also, large rocks for landscaping will look nice in gardens in a landscape style, where such a stone will complement annual and perennial plants that grow like in a wild nature.

Large rockery stones are represented in a variety of shapes that depends on their origin:

    Large rocks in landscape design

  • boulders of irregular form with multiple dents – glacial origin;
  • shape corresponds with the type of the rock grinded of by a river.
  • metamorphic rocks broke off in large pieces with considerable defects that are impossible to eliminate.

Thus, one can find stones of round, triangle, flat and irregular shape. Rock boulders for landscaping perfectly match with river pebbles and sandstone, that gives you the ability to create spectacular design compositions.

There are also no limits concerning the usage of different plants: boulders will perfectly match conifers and leaf trees, as well as annual herbs and flowers. Landscaping with large rocks is a very exciting experience and the section below is devoted to a quick look at some of the most creative ideas of using big landscape rocks.

Rockery Ideas with Boulders

Big rock landscaping is the very material to construct rockeries within your garden. It will be a nice idea to construct a rockery in Japanese style, imitating water with blue and green granite chips or glass and making lines on the “water” with small rocks of different color. In this composition, boulder will serve as solitaire and recreate rocks.

Recommendation: small and big stones, as well as granite or glass chips, are the central part of this rockery. This rockery abundant with many flowers will look clutter.

Limit yourself to three or five bonsai pines or junipers. Decorative moss will nicely suit this composition.

Supporting wall is a one more use case for big rocks and boulders in the landscape. Supporting wall is a nice option for decorating hilly garden with difference in height – such wall will support the soil, as well as serving as a background for your rockery, alpine garden or flower bed.

Small supporting wall in the garden
A building of such wall needs considerable efforts in constructing a falsework and fastening stones with concrete. Landscaping with big rocks require does not require a lot of your time so start it and the result will be amazing.

How to Take Care?

Landscaping large rocks in your garden do not need some special maintenance throughout a year. You can wash a stone with high-pressure water stream when the boulder becomes dusty.

Use special chemicals if the large rocks for garden landscaping are covered with moss. Before this treatment, you should clean a stone with wire brush. To get rid of weed near your stone, use herbicides or mulch.

Find out effective ways of killing unnecessary grass and learn how to clean rocks properly.

How to Install?

The installation and transporting is the most difficult part of the large rock landscaping process. Since the boulders are extremely huge (can be 5 to 12 meters in diameter), they should be installed by professional service that use special machinery for such purposes.

Be careful: when a stone is transported, it should be put on the ground with the help of the hoist. Do not try to install a boulder by yourself – it could be dangerous!

When preparing a place for a boulder, make sure it is flat for a stone stand well. If needed, level off the ground before installing a stone.


Boulder is a perfect material for building and landscaping purposes: one could use it to construct fences, supporting walls and houses, it is indispensable for decorating flowerbeds, rockeries, waterfalls and ponds. Choose boulders to make your garden unique.

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