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Effective ways of killing unnecessary grass or How to get rid of weeds in rock landscaping forever

Effective ways of killing unnecessary grass or How to get rid of weeds in rock landscaping forever

Rockeries, pathways or creek beds make landscape attractive, but its appearance may be spoiled with weeds. Sometimes regular weed barriers are not enough, and you have to fight with persistent weeds.

Here it is important to find less toxic methods which will not harm people, plants and even rocks. It is much better to use non-chemicals first as there are many effective ways to get rid of weeds. Herbicides must be the last option when nothing else works.


Necessary equipment

How to get rid of weeds in rock landscaping? When you are planning to kill weeds or prevent their future appearance there are some things that you will have to use:

    Weeds in rock path

  • gloves;
  • hoe;
  • 10-20 percent acetic acid vinegar;
  • vodka (or any other rubbing alcohol);
  • water;
  • dish soap;
  • boxed salt;
  • postemergent herbicide;
  • preemergent herbicide;
  • plastic;
  • weed barrier.

Pulling weeds by hand

You can always pull weeds growing in landscape rocks by hand. So, how to remove weeds or grass from rock landscape with your own hands only? You should wear gloves.

Try to pull weeds with roots; be careful as you can disturb the ground of your rockery more than you were planning. Of course this method is effective but it will not help you to get rid of weeds for a long time. Approximately after a week or two (depending on the environment and weather conditions) you will have to repeat the procedure.

Advice! To make pulling process easier, water the ground first.

After you finish pulling, it would be also a good idea to cultivate the ground with hoe. Try to do it not very deeply as there might be seeds in the soil and you can bring them to the surface and let grow faster.

Spraying weeds

How to kill weeds in rock landscaping with special spray? You can always use some sprays which will be very effective, non-toxic and can be home-made.

Spraying weeds is one of the most effective waysFor example, if you spray weeds with vinegar, that will burn them. Of course, you can use regular household vinegar, but it would be much better if you buy stronger one.

Usually our vinegar that we are using at home contains five percent of acetic acid. Ten to twenty percent acetic acid in vinegar will be more effective. As another option nine percent acidic acid vinegar can be used.

Another effective spray is a mixture of vodka and water. One ounce of vodka will be enough for two cups of water; you will also have to add a few drops of dish soap. Remember, that if you are going to use that spray, you will have to wait for a hot, sunny day as this mixture will not kill weeds in shade.

You can also use regular boiled water. Just be careful and try not to burn yourself and other plants which you were not planning to kill. This is one of the most effective ways as weeds disappear after one day and do not grow back either.

Another method which is believed to be effective is regular boxed salt usage. It is cheap and widely available. You can mix three parts of water and one part of salt. You can also add a few drops of dish soap and vinegar which will make mixture effectiveness higher. Make sure you avoid damage to nearby plants.

Advice! When you are applying any sprays or home-made mixtures to kill weeds, water nearby plants as well. This will help to reduce the risk of their damage.

Chemicals usage

If you have ornamental plants and you need to get rid of weeds, you can use postemergent herbicides which contain sethoxydim, fluazifop, or fusillade. Remember, that you will have to follow the instructions carefully if you want to get rid of weeds and do not want to damage nearby plants.

These herbicides will not let you to get rid of weeds forever, but they will provide control. You can also use these herbicides later, when weeds appear again.

If your landscape doesn’t have any ornamental plants, you will need to use postemergent herbicide such as glufosinate or glyphosate. Make sure that you read instructions carefully as different herbicides are used for different weeds.

Weeds prevention

How to get rid of grass in rock landscaping permanently? Chemical weed prevention usually means preemergent herbicides usage.

Prevent the appearance of weedsWhen you are planning to apply preemergent herbicides which contain benefin, isoxaben, or trifluralin, you have to remember that you need to use them in early spring. It would be better to apply this kind of herbicides before rainfall, or you can water the ground after applying.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully. Preemergent herbicide is an effective way to prevent weeds as herbicides usually control weeds appearance for several weeks.

Non-chemical solutions mean creation of weed barriers. But before you lay the barrier you will have to clean the area of weeds. If you have enough time, you may lay plastic on the ground for about six weeks. Hot and sunny weather will kill all the weeds.

You can use any other possible ways of killing weeds. If you lay fabric on the ground, that will protect your landscape from weeds. There are different barriers which can be found in garden stores.

Even if you do all preventive measures and use all the barriers, over some time weeds may appear. As soon as you see new weeds coming, pull weeds immediately and throw them away. If you see new weeds and you had laid weed barrier before, that means that most probably you need a new barrier.

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VIdeo tutorial

The short video lesson below will demonstrate how to remove weeds and prevent their appearance for a long time with the help of special sand:

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