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Beautiful Ideas for the garden rockery water features

Beautiful Ideas for the garden rockery water features

There’re not many things more relaxing and pleasant than the sound of water, running down the rocks. People like sitting next to the river, watching waterfalls or following the stream down.

So why not bring this pleasure to your garden? Install one of the rock and water objects in your backyard, creating your own small zen space. In this articles there are some ideas that could be easily done.


Bubbling rock

Simple and creative example of bubbling rockHot right now, this small rockery water feature is one of the easiest way to bring the sound of running water to your garden. Basically, what we call a bubbling rock is a stone with the hole drilled in it and slightly submerged in water.

The small engine will push the water out of the hole up, creating a little stylish fountain. This tiny rockery water fountain can be done using any type of rock you like.

Many people choose the large river rock for its water washed shape that seems to be natural for this kind of installation. If you have another stone that you love already in your garden – you can make a bubbling rock out of it!

Usually it will be easier to ask for the professional help, because it will take some heavy drilling. Experienced landscape designers can also help you with light placement, to make your bubbler and unforgettable object (more design ideas for your yard).


Running water is good, but some of us enjoy more the calmness of the still water. In this case you can decorate your landscape with the small pond. Building this rockery with water feature by yourself is not an easy task, but still, it’s possible.

Small pond with waterfall and plants aroundHere are few tips for you:

  1. Don’t make the pond near the trees, their roots and fallen leaves will be a constant headache.
  2. Use rocks to build the ridge and channel for the runoff to keep the water clear.
  3. Use the EPDM rubber for the base, that’s what professionals recommend.

Decorate your pond with low-maintenance water plants and place the river rock on the bottom. Not as complicated as it might seem.

The pond can be combined with other water elements. For example, if you set up a waterfall, you will create and additional aeration system, that will be very useful if you plan to have fish in the pond. Adding a small stream can take care of the excess water or filter the supply coming into the pond.

This articles can be useful for you: pond landscaping with river rocks, how to use river rock and basics of it’s installing.


Stream can be a beautiful feature by itself, or it can be a part of the pond project. Making the creek is hard work, but it’s not too complicated and can be a DIY project.

In brief, the steps will be:

  1. Dig the trench.
  2. Clear the soil from the roots and weeds. Treat is with chemical barriers to avoid them (find out effective ways of killing unnecessary grass).
    Important! If you don’t like to use chemicals, wait two weeks after first time you clear the soil from weeds and repeat it one more time.
  3. Place the plastic layer, if you would like to have no water draining through the soil.
  4. Decorate the stream with the river rock, rock mulch and boulders. Go all the way and make the proper rockery next to it for better effect.


Waterfall is one of the most popular rock water features landscaping nowadays, but building a waterfall is not an easy task. You will need a lot of time, designing talent and muscle work. So, on your place I would trust it to engineers.

But there’re things you have to decide yourself:

  • place;
  • size;
  • rock type.

Decorative waterfall in the backyardTake your time choosing the waterfall location, it should be visible from your patio or terrace, but not to be too loud if you keep your windows open for the night. The size will also influence on the loudness of your waterfall.

The higher it is the louder the sound will be. Make sure your local regulation allows the size of the project you made without the special permission needed.

You also need to decide what style of the waterfall you prefer. You can try to make a rocky waterfall that will resemble the natural one.

Than you will need to choose the rustic boulders and complement them with the river rock for the proper look. If you go this way – think about this project as a rock garden. Choose the plants, make sure the rock types used do not contradict each other and don’t’ forget to pretreat the soil to avoid undesired weeds growth.

The other way is to no trying to copy the nature, but allow yourself to have purely decorative piece in your garden or patio. This way you say waterfall, but you mean…


This project is included in the list of the most simple small rockery water features. The fountain in the patio can make the style more elaborate.

Use the light limestone or marble and your design will have the colonial Cuban hint. Take the green shale and you have a mountain chalet with its Nordic sport.

Or just go for modern design with the black polished basalt blocks and white river rock in the basin for the contrast monochrome beauty. Fountain is the feature that can be designed in so many ways, there’s no reason to mention all of them.


In this section you will see other astonishing rockery water feature designs:

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6


Keep in mind that there are much more rockery water feature ideas that do not require any professional skills and will make look your garden amazing. Use your imagination and good luck!

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