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Magnificent Rockery Designs for Small Gardens

Magnificent rockery designs for small gardens

Creating something remarkable in the landscape design, it is difficult to stop. Among the simple ideas through which you can quickly transform a garden is to make a rockery with your hands.

This green oasis in the country, framed by natural stones, will certainly revive your garden. Today it’s becoming more and more popular and fashionable to landscape your garden with stones.

Rockery imitates the terrain, so it’s situated on the plane, not on the slope. In the construction of this element of landscape design, the shape, the color and the location of stones play an important role.


General information

Small rockery for the gardenIs it possible to create small rockeries in the miniature garden? It doesn’t matter if your garden is small or big.

There are a lot of creative rockery designs for small gardens. The rockery in a small garden will look even more impressive and will be immediately conspicuous and attract attention.

In addition, in a small garden, you can pay more attention to the details. How to create a small rockery? It’s better to start with the choice of the place where you want to make rockeries, make a space for rocks and figuring out the design (More design ideas for your yard).

And of course, you’d better do it in the warm season, mainly in spring and summer, because rockery also involves the planting of plants that can just die in the cold weather.


In the section below we will be describing each step of creating small garden rockery separately.

Choice of location

The key to success is selection of the correct place for small rockery. First, decide the size of the rockery and make borders for it. It’s good if the terrain is not uniform and there are small hills and drops.

Choice of stones

landscape ideas for small gardenOf course, small rockery designs are different and you need to choose special rocks for each one specifically, but here we will be speaking about some details that should be taken into consideration in any case:

  1. Kind of rocks the color is natural or achieved by staining, for example: red, blue, gray, brown, green and of course black or white? Is it made of artificial materials?
  2. The country of origin.
  3. The impact on the surrounding substrate.
  4. Reaction to environment.
  5. Impact on human.
  6. Relations with plants.
Recommendation: it is advisable to choose stones of different sizes but of the same material.

Clean soil from seed

Next, clean the soil from the seeds and the weeds. It is the most important step that is included in all small rockery ideas.

Stack material

You must remove a layer of soil 20 to 25 cm On the bottom fill the clay, gravel or broken shards, creating a drainage layer with a thickness of 7-10 cm.

Put the soil mixture in place, lightly tamping and watering. We want to mention that despite the fact that small garden rockery ideas can be various this step is compulsory for all of them.

Stack stones

First put the big stones, put the land that the stones are sustainable. Next, put plants.

Be careful: The plants must be taken that they do not interfere with each other. In the last step, set the remaining medium and small stones.
Tip: The main task in the care of rockeries for small gardens, created by your own hands, is maintaining their decorative look (learn how to clean rocks properly? ). Be sure that the plants are not grown.

What plants are suitable?

It is the fact that almost all rockery ideas for small gardens include low plants, because they seemed to be more suitable rather than large ones. It is better to combine them by color, but it all depends on your imagination.

Before buying plants for a rockery, make sure that it fits in your area. Choose simple types with simple technologies that are easy to adapt to new conditions.

Be careful: Softwood should be of unusual color and interesting shape of the crown. Their accents they will “save the day” in those seasons when the colors in nature are very few.

It is obvious that the small size of the flower garden requires planting compact dwarf plants. If you want to enjoy the garden as long as possible, choose perennial slow-growing species, such as:

  • dwarf conifers (pine, juniper);
  • boxwood;
  • dwarf barberry;
  • Heather;
  • saxifrage.

To quickly revive the stone kingdom annuals flowering and perennials will help you:

  • alyssum;
  • lobularia;
  • periwinkle.


Landscaping with small rocks is a very interesting experience all you need is just your imagination and in order to help you to create a unique design here are some simple ideas.

It may be beautifully folded rocks, waterfall, fountain, track, you can also impose beautiful flowers stones to make flower beds, walkways and other. For fountain you’ll need a lot of stones, flower beds and walkways will fit a small or medium-sized rocks.

It depends on your imagination. A miniature rockery fits well at the entrance of the garden and around the patios of small gardens.

Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:

Kinds of rockeries

In this particular section we will give full information about the most popular small garden rockery designs and provide pictures for visual demonstration.

Japanese style

Now Japanese style is becoming increasingly fashionable, where a decorator in the first place admire the beauty of the stone and not the plants. Its design is calming, and the location of the stones are very harmoniously.
Japanese style in small garden

Alpine slide

Alpine slidethis is a common rockery, which differs only in the choice of certain plants: only those that grow in the Alpine regions of Switzerland, France and Italy. When building a rockery in this style often provides cascading waterfalls or imitation in the manner of mountain springs in the Alps.
Alpine slide in small garden

European style

European style is similar to the Alpine, but here are not only the Alpine plants. Often used deciduous shrubs with bright orange, bright red leaves, and herbaceous perennials.
European landscape with patio in small garden

English style

English style is different from other larger European landscape. When creating frequently used conifers, sagebrush, and grasses. Usually this rockery released variety; it includes both flowering and decorative plants.
Green landscape design in English style

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style in rockeries dictated in the first place harsh natural conditions. It uses low-growing groundcover, and, of course, pine. More attention is payed to the decor.
The idea of Scandinavian landscape design


Thus, we see that the possibility of arrangement and design of the rockeries to a small area far beyond of our usual boundaries. You can choose any style that is suitable for your site, choose the stones and the flowers that you like and experiment with them.

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