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Gorgeous rock bed landscaping ideas for the inspiration

Gorgeous rock bed landscaping ideas for the inspiration

Garden – a place of rest and personal wilderness, where you can relax. But sometimes the familiar landscape is boring. What is a garden without flowers?

But flowers randomly growing on the site is not aesthetically pleasing and not stylish. You can create beautiful flower beds of natural rocks with your hands.



Rocky beds may be very different in form and content. This is a great solution for a fairly flat site as it does not require the creation of artificial slopes, but can be quite high.

Through landscaping rock beds you can create a special mood in the garden, mimicking the natural mountain landscapes. The success of the creation of such beds is in the correct selection and laying of stone.


The idea of rock bed in the front yardThere are the detailed rock bed landscape instruction:

  1. Begin with the Foundation. Take the twine with pegs and marks the selected location for placement of a flower bed. Digging a trench, having a depth of 30-40 cm and width of the size of the stones. Remove soil from the surface of the future flower garden (find out effective ways of killing unnecessary grass).
  2. At the bottom put roofing felt or polyethylene. Next comes the pouring of the concrete Foundation.
  3. After the pouring wait until it gets stronger and completely dry, only then you can put rocks. You may not do concrete Foundation may be not done, just make a ditch on the perimeter of the future construction, lay geotextile and then backfill with sand about a third.
  4. Gaps between the stones shall be filled with land, which in turn after filling should be well compacted. The stones will peek out from the trench, while held tightly in the land and sand.
  5. In the subsequent laying of stones can be used cement mortar.
    Attention: Do not forget to provide drainage holes in beds. Cement is used only with the inner surface of the stone structures to external parties to maintain the effect and beauty of dry masonry.

    Rocky flower beds must emphasize the style of the site, gardens, making them comfortable as possible.

  6. After rocks are laid and the cement is frozen spray on the surface of the joints a special sealant that prevents in the joints of the stones cracks. The land for planting should be pour into the prepared flower bed only after the grout hardens completely and become solid.
    Recommendation: Sealer for concrete will help in preventing cracks in the seams between the stones.
  7. It Is possible not to use cement mortar, provided that the height of the construction of beds will not exceed 60 cm. In this case, the stones should be carefully customized.

Choice of rocks

As you can see from the instruction rock in landscape beds plays a significant role, that’s why it is very important to choose the stone properly.

Tip: use stones similar in structure and origin. You also need to know the basic characteristics of the rocks, their interaction with the plant, environment.

Sandstone is very good air permeability, but is short-lived. Features a large variety of shades in grey, camel, reddish and brownish tones.

Different landscape stones for rock bedLimestone is a porous. Under the action of wind and water its sharp corners are smoothed, the cracks and fissures. Painting limestone can be white, gray or cream.

Travertine (tuff) is a type of limestone with a very porous structure, which is pervious to water and air and promotes rooting in the stones. Meanwhile, slate (gneiss) is a flat plate. The color of the stones can be purple, green or blue.

Granite is ill-suited to create a rock garden, as strongly acidify the soil. Basalt or volcanic tuff is a Very beautiful rock formation to create artificial terraces and the strengthening of existing slopes, the Main focus of the composition of the rocky garden is one large boulder, then use several smaller stones.

Selection of plants

It is one more pivotal step in landscaping dry rock beds process. Selection of plants for flower beds of stone depends only on Your imagination.

Large flower beds can be planted with coniferous and mini-trees, such as mountain pine dwarf, creeping willow dwarf arborvitae. For small shrubs and perennials like pinks, iberis evergreen, and creeping ground cover species: Carpathian Bellflower, thyme, Euphorbia and others.

Be careful: plants in the flower bed will need conditions for growth and flowering, so pick them better according to similar characteristics.


Rock bed idea with terrace from limestoneThere are different types and styles of creating flowerbeds but here we will be speaking about the most popular rock bed landscaping ideas. Rockeries – arrange on flat areas, placing stones one by one or in small groups at different levels. Also use a large number of fine stones (limestone, slate, tufa) for decorative sprinkles.

The rock garden, or Alpine slide – an imitation of the mountain slope where the stones are randomly laid to form a hill. It needs to look as natural as possible, and it should be used in high-mountain plants.

A terraced slope may be of different shape or height. Use natural chipped stones are hard rocks, like quartz and granite, but to achieve greater picturesqueness apply limestone or Sandstone, which will deteriorate over time from water and wind, and more like a mountain landscape.

Japanese garden is a place of solitude and peace, isolation. The rocks play a key role, and look better large, overgrown with moss.

You need to place them at a sufficient distance, simulating the collapse of a cliff. In this garden, as a rule, some plants, and the whole space is covered with gravel, pebbles or other small stones.

Here is the short video about how to landscape fabric for rock beds:

More design ideas for your yard


If you after reading this article decided to do rock bed there are some pictures that will inspire you:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5


Rocks in landscape beds will be a real decoration of the garden. In addition, you can decorate a flower bed lights that have solar panels. Also you can decorate and other decorative elements to highlight a flowerbed on a background of the garden or land.

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