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Easy Ways for Rock Hill Landscaping: How to Decorate a Hillside With Rocks?

Easy ways for rock hill landscaping: How to decorate a hillside with rocks?

Some people think that hill or a steep slope on their land is a big disadvantage that ruins their chances for proper landscape design. Well, this is completely untrue.

Though you have to keep in mind some technical details, the result of the proper landscaping job done on the slope can be astonishing. All useful information about landscaping hillside with rocks was collected and presented below.



Landscaping on hillside can be difficultSo, what are the main problems for the slope decoration or rock hill landscaping? One of the most obvious problems is the soil creep.

With the time and rain the ground shifts, ruining your carefully installed flower beds or other creations if they were not properly stabilized. Solutions can be different;

Let’s look through characteristics of each one separately.

Retaining wall

The making of the stone retaining wall can be a hard task, depending on its heights. In some areas to start such a construction you will have to ask for the special permission or even engineers stamped approved plan.

Retaining wall on a hillsideIf you decide not to use professional help in construction of the wall, make sure you know how to avoid natural forces destroying it. The things you’ll need to fight are:

  1. Frost heave (freezing and expansion of the water can ruin your wall if you don’t take necessary precautions).
  2. Hydrostatic pressure (you have to know how to install the drain tiles).
  3. Soil downhill creep (with gravity force, slowly your wall might get deformed by the ground movement) .
  4. Accumulation of moisture (the excess of water can wash away the soil from under the wall, undermining the whole point of construction).

If all this doesn’t scare you out, work on your plan. There’s no reason making such a big part of landscaping just an ugly concrete structure.

There are many possibilities of landscaping a hill with rocks, such as flagstone wall, shale layers’ rock wall, brick wall. Everything can work if you exercise some imagination.


How to landscape a hillside with rocks? Making of the terraces can seem technically easier task than the construction of the retaining wall, but it’s a hard work.

Example of terrace on hillsideThere will be quite a lot of digging and moving the soil for creating of the proper levels. Once you have your main frame, you need to think how to keep the terraces in their place, without being washed off by the first heavy rain.

Surprisingly this complicated issue can be met by building such a decorative piece as the rock garden. When you install your rocks, you going to need to first pretreat the soil. Remove all the weeds and roots and use the weed barrier chemical treatments to avoid the growth of the unwanted plants (find out effective ways of killing unnecessary grass).

The use of the landscaping fabric will help you not only fighting the weeds, but also the soil creeping problem. To hold the rocks on the steep slope you can use the special nails and grids, that will be covered by the gravel or vegetation later.

Some moist will help your rock gardens and terraces to hold in the place you have planned for them. But too much water can wash away anything you have planted.

Sometimes this is more of a danger in the dry regions, where the rains are rare but heavy. The elegant way of directing your excess water where you’d like it to be is to recreate a dry creek stream.

All you need for this project of landscaping on a hillside with rocks is:

Voila! Easy and beautiful. More design ideas for your yard.

Important! Make sure it’s allowed to direct the water to the street in your area. And if it is – demand a special paper that says your drainage system is legal.

On the steep slope the terraces can bring one more challenge – the creation of the proper walkways through them. The easiest way is to make wide steps with the flat flagstones. But the coast of this might get really high and not to be for every pocket.

The cheap way of making your steps is to cover them with pea gravel or crushed gravel, whichever you prefer. The problem it creates is how to hold the small rocks on the slope, especially in times of the heavy rain.

In this case you will need to think a lot about the edging. You can simply place a brick border, or find the interesting looking natural rocks, or make the pathway a little bit deeper that the rest of the ground surrounding it, so the soil itself will create the edging.


The choice of plants can be hugely variable. One of the latest trends is the alpine garden.
Alpine garden in the yard
They will bring a cold Nordic look to your yard and, being low maintenance will not require too much service. In this case you shouldn’t count on the plants to hold the soil at its place with their roots, because the alpines have naturally wide spread but shallow root system.

If you’d like the vegetation to contribute to the soil creep problem solving, you need to opt for the ones with the extensive root system.
Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:


I hope now you can see your steep slope not as an inconvenience, but as a base for plenty of landscaping possibilities, that can make your garden unique and beautiful. Do not be scary and free your fantasy!

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