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Charming Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Rocks

Charming backyard landscaping ideas with rocks

The front yard or the lawn is the main impression your house makes. It has to correspond to the general street look and blend in with other buildings if you have no intention to look weird. This might limit your creativity a bit. But the back yard is entirely your business.

The back yard can be organized just almost any style you like. The only people you might like to impress are the visitors of you home, but if they are friends – no need to bend your interests for them. Now it’s the time to create you outdoor dining room, or your personal zen place, or simply beautiful landscape to rest your eyes on. The landscaping rocks can help you with any of your creations.



Back yard patioOne of the most popular design from the list of backyard landscaping ideas with rocks is patio. If you live in the area with the nice weather, the patio can be a nice possibility for your back yard.

Paved with limestone, sandstone or even marble it will bring the original sunny Spanish. Here you can have coffee with your friends or dine with your family.

If you feel that paving the backyard with rock is a way too expensive option, you might be interested in the Mediterranean way of doing it. You will need the concrete and medium size river rocks (helpful article – how to clean river rock).

The easiest way is to simply push the river rock into the fresh concrete in random pattern to have a pebbled surface. Otherwise you can make this your art project and install a proper mosaic floor.

Advice! Don’t forget to clean the rocks with the wet cloth before the concrete dries to keep them neat and colorful.


Another high-end option from other rock landscaping ideas backyard is pool. In the warm places the pool is not a luxury but a need. And even if you don’t have the biggest one in the neighborhood, this amount of water dictates what you can have around it as a landscape.

Pool in the backyardHere you can use the rocks of your liking to:

  1. Spread as mulch, to keep the dirt and sand out of the water.
  2. Create small decorative rock gardens on the sides.
  3. Use them as a border for any vegetation that is coming close to the pool.
  4. Pave the surrounding area.

This articles can be useful for you: pool landscaping with river rocks, how to use river rock and basics of it’s installing.

Rock garden

There are unlimited possibilities in styles and types of the rock garden you can have in your back yard. If you already have a big boulder on your land, it can help you to decide what will be your option.

The main big rock can be a granite or basalt if you go for the alpine spirit, a sandstone or lava rock if you’re more interested in desert impression. Plants are usually the ones to give your creation a distinctive look: succulents and cacti for the southern Mexican style, lavender and meadow flowers for alpine field, bonsai for japan inspired garden and moss for northern feeling.

Whatever style you choose there’re couple of rules for the rock garden creation:

  1. The best composition is the one that is unobtrusively incorporated in the landscape. So, instead of placing it in the middle of trimmed lawn, start from the corner of you yard, next to the tree, or anywhere it looks more authentic.
  2. Before planting the first rocks, prepare the soil. Remove all the weeds and their roots, pretreat the ground with special chemicals and place a sheet of garden fabric. This way you have a guarantee of no chamomile growing in the middle of your carefully recreated painted desert composition.
    Important! Don’t forget to make the holes in the fabric for the flowers you want to plant.
  3. Start planning your composition from the biggest boulder, then place the smaller rocks and plants and in the end fill the remaining space with pea gravel.
Learn more information about rock types for landscaping: crushed rock, small, large and flat rocks, pebble rocks, gravel, granite, slate stones, glass landscaping rocks, lava rock and it’s pros and cons. Also fake and river rock.

Zen Garden

Simple Zen garden in the backyardYou might have seen the mini versions of the Japanese zen garden as a cute desk souvenir. But what about a full-scale one? The monochrome rocky zen garden, combined with interesting outdoor lighting and modest modern furniture can make your back yard a simplicity masterpiece.

There’s not much needed to make a zen garden. All you need is a pale landscaping sand and the river rocks of grey and white color. Now add a good looking rake and let your guests arrange the rocks as they like.

Dry River creek

In the cities there’s a common drainage problem. Nobody likes their lawn to get swampy and dirty with the water, running from a drainage pipe. There is a beautiful designer answer to this problem – a dry creek river.

It’s not that complicated of a project as it might seem. The biggest part of hard work is simply digging. After that you need to treat the soil for the unnecessary weed growth as you would for the rock garden.

And then you spread the river pebbles and a bit of pea gravel in the trench. Here you are, now you can add as much decoration as you’d like – bushes, flowers, big rocks compositions.


Probably you want to see some design ideas, that keep watching:
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Useful video

This video was created to inspirate you with some amazing landscape design solutions for backyard:


So, as you can see, backyard landscaping with rocks Is very exciting experience. Back yard is a perfect place to create you little personal beautiful corner of the world.

If you afraid to make it messy, invite the landscape designer to help you draft an initial project. But also think how cool would it be to make it all by yourself. Have fun!

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