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Innovative Desert Landscaping Rocks Ideas

Innovative desert landscaping rocks ideas

Initially thinking about gardening and landscaping of their infield, it is important to realize in what style you would like to see your landscape design. The style of the site on which you plan to spend your free time for rest and relaxation, must necessarily overlap with your mental attitude.

One of the ideas of landscaping your garden – creating a desert. Someone may think that it’s impossible to do in a temperate climate. In fact, it’s possible.



What is desert garden?The desert landscaping rocks design is a great alternative to conventional design. It is suitable for people with extraordinary taste who want to create something unique.

The desert rock landscaping design is an imitation of the desert in your garden with stones, flowers and other decorative elements.

Desert style – perfect for those who live in hot, tropical climates. For those who live in temperate climates it will be more difficult as the plants used in this design may dye trying to get accustomed to new conditions.

Such plants (mainly cacti and succulents) can withstand very high temperature, drought, dry hot air and live a long time without moisture but they may die on cold temperatures. Desert design is also a great option for lazy gardeners, as the garden is virtually maintenance free.

As you can see it is a pretty interesting and exciting experience but in order to create a well-looking landscape you should choose the materials and rocks properly.

How to choose?

In this section we will be speaking about choosing types of rock and gravel landscaping for desert yards. To create a desert in your garden rocks are a perfect idea. Rocks can be purchased or make on your own, which is very easy.

Pebbles are more preferrable rocks for desert landscapeYou can make a rock of any size, shape, color as you like. As for the rocks, which are sold in stores, it is not obliging to buy exactly expensive stones.

Even regular pebbles that you can buy in any color will perfectly suit. Draw a border and pour the pebbles in there – it will be very impressive.

You can use the boulders – both large and small, or high, depending on your taste. The main helpers in creating desert style, these natural materials – clay, gravel, stone and sand.

Use them in large amounts. Moreover, the stone is preferable to use in light natural shades.

Learn more information about rock types for landscaping: for pool, crushed rock, small, large and flat rocks, white marble, granite, slate stones, glass landscaping rocks, lava rock and it’s pros and cons. Also fake and river rock.

Choosing the plants

As mentioned, this garden required using cacti and succulents, so they usually grow in deserts. But before you buy plants, you need to know some information about the plant and your climate, as some plants may die. You need to choose plants that are intended for dry, sunny climate.

You need to consider some points when choosing these plants:

  1. You need to know the amount of rainfall that falls in your region and the need of plants in water.
  2. You need to know the average temperature in your area and the amount of sunlight needed by the plant so that it will not die.

This is very important information you need to know. It will help you avoid unexpected costs.

Here are some of the plants that are successfully used in desert style:

    Different plants for desert garden with names

  • different types of yarrows;
  • Spanish gorse;
  • fescue grass elimus (grate burs) sand;
  • oleander;
  • bottlebrush;
  • sage;
  • Lantana and so on.

These plants in the future, require minimal care, while remaining unusually decorative for a long period. They are good In transferring hot dry climate. All you need to do – watering, if they require moisture and to weed out.

Be careful: it is impossible to water these plants very often, it can damage them.

Now, when you have an overall idea about this type of stones let’s speak about desert rock landscaping ideas.

Creative ideas

Some ideas how to implement desert design in your garden.

  1. First, it is better to group plants that have similar water demand. Then you will not confuse when to water them.

    Attention: Do not plant flowers too near to each other. Add stones around them, but do not group rocks too close, do it randomly. It is better to use light colored stones, as the dark ones will keep heat too long even after sunset.
  2. You can plant trees (acacia tree, foothills palo verde, Texas honey mesquite, ironwood tree, and Chilean mesquite), which will provide shade on your site.
  3. If you have no hills in the garden, you can create them artificially, or even can create a rockery, small pond, in which water will be circulated. It will also make your garden look more unique.
  4. Do not water plants in the heat, t’s better to do it in the evening.
  5. Use wood chips, it will look more effectively, it will also prevent the very rapid evaporation of water and weeds.
Tip: You can add artificial lighting. This will allow you to enjoy your desert design was visible in the dark.

As you can see, it’s very simple to create a desert design in the garden.


In order to help you to create a unique desert landscape design here are some pictures of different designer’s solution, some of them may seem traditional whilst others look like modern solution:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:


As it could be seen from the above, to create a landscape design in the desert rock style is not that difficult. It requires little effort and knowledge.

However, the end result is very unusual, impressive and unique, it’s not so common as the others designs. That most important thing is to choose right plants and rocks.

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