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Marvelous Creek Rock Landscaping

Marvelous Creek Rock Landscaping

Dry creek beds are indispensable elements within Japanese landscaping culture: dry creeks give the impression, that the water in a creek has just dried up and at any minute it will be filled again with life-giving rain water.

Dry creek beds have a wide range of advantages over true water creeks. Dry creeks can be made on your own without spending too much efforts and money in terms of its installation and maintenance.


Besides, dry creek beds can be combined with any types of plants, not just with those water plants, that need high level of humidity. And, the most important advantage – dry creek bed can be created in any type of a garden, even if there is no possibility to make a real water creek.

Where to Install?

Colored dry creek rockDry creek bed is able to become a true decorative element of your garden that will draw everybody’s attention. Dry creek is attractive all year round comparing with water creek that covers with ice in winter.

Creek rock landscaping will look suitable in any garden style: Japanese, English, landscaping, formal or in a garden, that doesn’t have any distinct style or represents a mixture of different styles.

There is no exact place within a garden where a dry creek will look best: it will be suitable everywhere. It is only up to you to decide where you want to see a dry creek: whether it will be a center of your garden in its most visible part, or it will be hidden in some remote part of a garden behind tall trees and bushes creating an impression of seclusion.

Recommendation: if you have a bare area or have just a few trees and bushes, do not strive for creating a dry creek bed without its landscape gardening. Single creek rock will look unnatural and lonely. Always try to find a “green” place decorating with trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs: it will make your composition livelier.

Creek rocks for landscaping can be different everything depends on a specific design. More design ideas for your yard.

Decorating process

Decorating processDecorating dry creek beds with rocks doesn’t have any limits, but it is advisable to choose local types of stones to make your dry creek bed nicely combined with surrounding area. For example, stones made of shell deposits from the South will look unnatural in a northland.

Both large boulders and small pebbles are suitable for decorating dry creek beds of any style. The combination of stones of various sizes, colors (for example: red, blue, gray, brown, green and of course black or white.) and textures allows you to create spectacular compositions, which will be a bright accent in any landscape design.

To get a dry creek of gray-bluish tint is possible by the use of oil shale, basalt and gneiss. Granite, marble and limestone give the opportunity to create a dry creek of red-brownish hue.

To create the effect of flow it is advisable to use flat pebble stones, for the coastline – the larger boulders. Uneven terrain is successfully decorated with waterfalls made of stones of lighter color hues.

Learn more information about rock types for landscaping: for pool, crushed rock, small, large and flat rocks, white marble, gravel, granite, slate stones, glass landscaping rocks, lava rock and it’s pros and cons. Also fake and river rock.

Step-By-Step Instruction

Making a DIY dry creek bed won’t take you too much time, efforts and money. Besides, it doesn’t need some special skills.

On the average, to make a dry creek bed takes 2-3 days. Here you can find a step-by-step instruction how to make DIY dry creek.

Step 1: Choosing the right place

To find an appropriate place for a creek is a matter of zoning your garden on different sectors. Do not place a dry creek bed where you or your family members frequently walk or where it will prevent you from doing some household activities. Also, dry creek should not be placed along the fence or other garden structures: there it will be looking unnatural and be lost to view.

Warning: do not place a creek where it will prevent you from lawn moving, also, it can be dangerous in terms of stones that can hurt you during this procedure.

Step 2: Choosing the shape of future creek and prepare rocks

Proper planning of a dry creek allows to disguise the shortcomings of the terrain. Narrow twisting stream visually enhances the space, making a small garden larger. Prepare the stones that you like for decorating a bed and its coastline.

Step 3: Making a sand “pillow”

Dig a contour of your future creek bed with a spade approximately of 15-30 cm depth. Even the bottom with rake and cover it with geotextile or frost cloth of black color to prevent your creek from weed (find out effective ways of killing unnecessary grass). Fill the bottom with sand (10-20 cm) and even it.

Step 4: Rocks installation

Begin to place stones from the coastline. Rabble stone and cobble-stones are used for supporting inside edges, drake-stone used for laying the crevices, small pebbles are used to fill the bed of a dry creek.

Step 5: Decorating a creek with plants

An important element in the design of the stone creek are plants. Dry creek decorated with flowers and other plants allows you to get the maximum effect of the similarity of the stone structure with a real water stream.

Choosing plants for decorating your dry creek, you can use any brushwood, foliage and flowering plants. The main requirement – floral arrangement should be in harmony.

Advice: when selecting plants take into consideration lighting and temperature conditions, soil composition and humidity level. It is better to choose plants that live near water in nature.

Video tutorial

If you still did not understand how to install dryy creek bed then watch the video lesson below:

Dry Creek Beds Ideas

Spectacular decoration of dry creek bed – the stones covered with water-proof paint that is able to glow at night. Another interesting option is to cover stones with water-proof lacquer. Shimmering in the sunlight stones give the compositions a “wet” effect.

Dry creek beds represent a perfect solution for those, who doesn’t want to spend too much time, efforts and money on real pond in a garden. Dry creeks give you an opportunity to create a unique design composition that will be attractive in any time of the year.


There are many different creek rock landscaping ideas but on this pictures you can see some of the most popular ones.
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Here you can find more design ideas of rock landscaping:


It can be clearly seen that creek rock will make the atmosphere in the garden even more astonishing. That’s why we highly recommend you to give it to try. All you need is just your imagination and some material. Good luck and do not forget to enjoy the whole process!

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