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Wonderful landscaping compositions around trees with rocks

Wonderful landscaping compositions around trees with rocks

If you want to decorate some area of your garden, make it more expressive and interesting you can use stones, pebbles, colored marble chips, and sea stones. In one word, you can create rockery in the garden.

Rockeries can be made using stones of different breeds, shapes, colors. Rockeries can be made in different styles: European, Japanese, and English. It can also be done in any place of the garden where you want – even under a tree.



Laying stones under the tree and digging a hole for them, you need to be very careful not to damage the roots of the tree (find out effective ways of killing unnecessary grass).

Note: it is undesirable to make a small rockery under the high and massive trees — it will look poor and loose in their background. Also you should not use very small stones under a large tree. The best option – the stones of medium size.


Instruction for creating rockery around the treeHow to create landscaping around trees with rocks? Stones for rockery compositions are the main elements.

The shape, size and quality of the rocks around trees landscaping are diverse. There is only one restriction — soft rock containing a large amount of lime or chalk {calcium salts) is not recommended.

First, they quickly get soggy and disintegrate under the action of rain. And, secondly, they contribute to excessive alkalinisation to the nutrient substrate.

Limestone, quarry stone, large gravel, boulders, even the pieces of foam concrete and concrete blocks, broken plates and tiles can be used as decorative elements for rockeries. However, the grower needs to imagine how these elements may be combined with each other.

Tip: If you are making a rockery under a tree, you should not use a small fraction of stones for dumping. And in the Fall you will have to buy a leaf blower for cleaning fallen leaves.
Recommendation: if you decided to create a rockery under a pine tree, you’ll have to clean dry pine needles crumbling. To facilitate this process spread special landscape fabric around each tree while creating a rockery (Learn how to clean rocks properly?).

Installing stone

Landscaping – rockeries and Alpine rock garden, require some certain knowledge. To create a rockery start with digging the soil and removing weeds.

If necessary, make a drain or a layer of sand under a layer of fertile soil that can not tolerate the dampness and the plants grow better. But when you create a rockery under a tree one should be very careful not to damage the roots. Therefore, when digging the ground you should not dig too deeply.

Learn more information about rock types for landscaping: for pool, crushed rock, small, large and flat rocks, white marble, granite, slate stones, glass landscaping rocks, lava rock and it’s pros and cons. Also fake and river rock.

Creative ideas

In the following sections, there are some very interesting designs of landscape rocks around trees with pictures.

Landscaped rockery

This is a classic form that provides for all green spaces optimal conditions for growth. Its appearance depends on the characteristics of the entire landscape, but the main elements are: water cascades and small pools, hollows, ravines, rocky outcrops, plateaus.
Landscaped rockery around tree
Slides of this type it is best to start doing on a natural slope where there is a possibility of the construction of the cascade without filling soil. Large rock piles are absolutely not suitable for such fanciful elements as fountains. To create such rocky hills you need a fairly large area, for corner decorating it is not suitable.

Terraced rockery

It is a special form of composition, which is arranged only on the slope and represents the construction of retaining walls with different heights. Such terraces are created from natural stone which can be secured using cement mortar as necessary to ensure reliability and durability.
Simple terrace under tree
Necessarily the presence of the drainage layer. The use of stone of a different type allows you to recreate a simulation of ancient ruins (limestone) or fallen rocks (crushed granite). As plants it is best to pick a prostrate, dwarf trees, climbing vines that will cascade down.

Rockery type “rock”

These slides are characterized by small forms, they can be easily arranged even in a small garden square. Make rockeries of blocks of dolomite, travertine, volcanic rock. But the granite here is not suitable.

If the cost of natural stone scares you, today many manufacturers offer special imitation boulders for slides of plastics. They repeat the shape and color of natural stone but are light weight, they are much easier to put.
Rockery around tree with different sizes of stones
The plants are laid in the crevices between the individual rocks, too many rocks should not take, as the natural appearance will be severely disturbed. Best for slides Utes suitable plants such as dwarf ferns, juniper, bluebells, sagebrush, some sort of mountain pine, etc. When planting we must not forget that the plants should not cover the stones, otherwise the scheme will simply lose its glamor and appeal.

Caution: carefully select plants for rockeries as some plants may die under the shade of a tree.


A simple rockery is easy to build. It required just picturesque putting some stones and plants. Rockery under trees you need to be created, provided that the plants take root together.

Undoubtedly, the form of a rockery should be in harmony with the surrounding landscape and General style of the design solutions of the garden. Therefore, prior to the start of work the gardener must be clear about what elements will be included in the composition of what rocks and plants will be used, what are the final dimensions of rockeries and how much time he will have to pay to maintain it.

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